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4 Hour Summer Enduro Series - 'Training Ride'

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By Whisperer - Posted on 18 January 2010

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Decided on Saturday night to go out and do the 4 hour. There were a bunch of the gang going, so I thought it would be good to go out and get some 'corner carving' and 'race pace' training in ahead of the Jet Black 24 in Feb.

Seems like sleep was a problem all round on Saturday night, plenty of comments around the traps, and I was the same, got about 5 hrs in before a 5.30 wakeup to get out there and register. Not to worry - a seriously strong coffee and I was ready to go Cool

Got a position in the first third on the grid, and after the obligatory walking behind the train for the first couple of kays got into it. Went pretty hard. My plan was to ride at or just under threshold and see how I went, concentrating on technical skills and 'not using the brakes' ...
It all went well, sat in the high 80s and low 90's (% that is), for most of the time, and got in 6 good laps and one slower one as I started to feel the cramps coming on. Called it a day at the end of 7 laps and just under 3 hrs, as I didn't want to have any lock-up cramps and be too sore for a heavy week of training ahead. Mission accomplished, all good today.

Highlights for the day were a cool morning start, a pretty technical track, nice bermed corners spread through the track, a shorter course than usual out there, great atmosphere - much more relaxed than the big name races, and seeing Gordo and the leaders coming by showing such smooth bike skills and flow along the track. Gazza was riding like a pro, his depth of training and racing are really showing, and Martine in her quiet understated way just flowed along swiftly and landed on the podium!

Great to see the rest of the crew out there, even though there were a few issues. V was having a bad day & Damian had a bad back. I guess it's all part of starting the season so early.


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as they flew past ... that was you??? ... hehehe ... i was wondering who it was [obviously] for ages ... thanks for saying "hi" ... see you around ... btw ... 7 laps ... i think i did 3 in 3 hours ... lol ... great to see you ... i am really starting to understand your passion for bikes ...


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