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By flubberghusted - Posted on 26 January 2010

The aftermath ....

Anyone know how to change the Lefty rim cuz i dont !!

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Note the Lefty is still perfectly straight Eye-wink

I can recommend Greg at TWE if you need a good wheel builder.

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Where abouts is his shop?
I'm still under warranty and the Lefty is slightly stiff on the shocks so curious as to whether its worth taking it back to CBD.

Yep, very impressed that the Lefty remained in tact. Though am now considering the more inches of travel... the 4 inches just wasnt enuf for that jump. Too bad theres no Lefty with 6 inches ...

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Ahhh... I was thinking you tried to roll that and ended up OTB'ing or something, taco'ing the wheel.

So you're telling us you launched off a 1m+ (?) drop on a XC bike? And did you land nicely or sideways or something? Sorry to get personal, but how much do you weigh? You can get away with this sort of thing once in a while or if you are really light, but if it's a regular thing or a large chap, yeah, get a bigger bike Eye-wink


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Dale make an almost-6" bike in the shape of the RZ140 with (you guessed it) 140mm travel at both ends..

I've got a 130mm Lefty max on a Jekyll, but I still don't think I'd be attempting 1m+ drops on that! The bike would probably handle it but don't know that the wheels or I would. Sticking out tongue

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... **aaand hangs head in shame**

Launched off it at pace, didnt lift the front off enough and landed sideways. Did the barrel roll and the rig flew off into the bushes as noted in the second pic. Sprained wrist and bruises to accompany the ego.

It was done before and caught on video but on slow mo, you can see the stress in the frame and both shocks barely handling the full load of my 80kg frame. That was landed nicely but it was more of a faster roll off, than a jump really.
This occasion would have been a jump Eye-wink

Hugh at CBD is quoting me $240 all up for the build and replacement. Too much ?!

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Um, is that a Crossmark on the front there? There are a few threads about having a Crossmark on the front, not that it might have helped here.......

Did you get it fixed?

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