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Riding in Snow?!

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By Rob - Posted on 28 January 2010

Did someone bring up riding in snow today? Check out some of these pictures from our friends in Ireland:

This is from an site which is very similar to NoBMoB Eye-wink

Geeze... these guys are crazy... I mean... imagine fixing your bike in these conditions (notice the lights... yes there's snow everywhere and they are on a night ride!):

Nice views though:

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we used to go for all day epics in the snow. its a real adventure and in the right clothing, if you keep riding its suprisingly warm!

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How would you go in your lycra kit Gaz? Eye-wink

@Rob - you should have a word with the dev, give him/her a few pointers on design... Sticking out tongue

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Hello.......It was a bit cold that day...but not too bad surprisingly,
too cold for mechanicals though.....crazy!! : )

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That looks crazy, and we think the fire trails are soft after grating Sticking out tongue

@Rob, It does look a bit familiar and a little strange that my user name and password is the same Eye-wink

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Even stranger that there is another ladytoast already logged into that site. Guess it IS a popular nick after all Eye-wink

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Does he ride an orange 575 too Dylan ?


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Used to ride in Wales all the time in the snow, you just wear the Endura all in termal bib leggings and they would keep you nice and warm with a base layer.

I have mine here in Australia, however have yet to use them lol.

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Those crazy Canucks get up to similar antics.
I've aways wanted to try out one of these things -

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Ah... but wait... there's more:


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I haven't seen snow nor have I taken my bike in the bush at night! Maybe its time to venture out in the dark then shortly the snow after seeing these pictures. Plus with the mont coming up, ill have to practice night riding.

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