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Tim crash

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By Tim28 - Posted on 12 January 2007

This crash was completed at Wiseman's Ferry on Tuesday. Me and my bro were up riding a part of The Great Northern Road. This is not where I got this though. I got this on some dirt jumps which I hit wrong. It hurt quite a lot, will not be on my bike for a while. I also got my arm right up to my shoulder. I WAS WEARING A HELMET - You would have to be stupid not to.

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Hey Tim, nice work with the battle scars. I have one question though, and I only looked in that region because of the brightly coloured towel, there seems to be a rather inconveniently positioned damp spot on the towel, tell me your not weeping there as well?

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That looks pretty sore and swollen, guy. Nice work. It is good to see you can already look and laugh at it. Always nice to have someone around with a camera to capture the carnage! Laughing out loud

Interesting that you mention that you were not wearing any guards. No change of heart on that subject yet, I suppose?

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Stuart, this was after a shower. You should have seen it before! Thats why the towel is wet. This looks good to what it looked like before.

I think I may reconsider buying some bod armour. I was dirt jumping though so you dont get as good movement with leg guards. At least I was wearing a helmet and gloves because I would have got absolutely screwed if I wasnt.

Thanks for the feedback.


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