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Wet again but an awesome result

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By Whisperer - Posted on 07 February 2010

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JetBlack twenty four hours Sydney 2010
Salty Nuts
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24 Male Team 4 40+
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This will be a short initial post - pretty tired now.....

Crazy weather once again with torrential rain through the night, and fairly constant drizzle through the day. The Salty Nuts (Me, Steve01, Ladytoast and CarlGroover) went at it hard, used tenacity & technical skills to keep momentum up through the wet and slippery technical bits and didn't backoff for a single lap. It paid dividends, because we not only won our class, we beat the open mixed fours & threes for an overall position of 5th overall in the event.

There was lots of fun, and laughs and banter along the way, and some memorable moments, which no doubt the other team members will comment on too. It was really nice to have some visitors too. On Saturday, SuperGav and Junkie rode up from Hornsby on a long road ride and spent a couple of hours giving us moral support. On Sunday Gazza and Rob rode up too and added to the atmosphere when we were tired but in a pretty euphoric state knowing our position. These guys were amazing, as they'd done some long kms in the rain too - and on both days had a pretty decent ride to get home.

I'll add some more later, and get some pics up too.

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Well done you guys excellent result... You forgot to mention the other team there though, pissed and peddling who also won... By two laps, the mixed sixes. Well done tothem as well.. Woo hoo

ps you must have your total laps wrong as they did 24 ... Sean thought you did 28?

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It was finally good to meet a few of the more experienced riders of the nobmob crew especially the visitors who showed up & had a chat with them hope I did my job well fore you guys even as a cheer squad lol hope everyone had fun on the fire trail we worked on last night for a few hours too

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Yes Christine, not thinking straight yet. We did 28.
the most anyone/team did I think was 29, so we were right up there with our pace.
And yes, congrats to 'pissed and pedalling', hadn't got to mentioning them yet, was great to have them a few cabins down, sharing rain stories and success on the track!

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You guys were really awesome out there - thanks for your dedication!

So, while we were sleeping it looks like you had a big night cutting drainage channels, and setting up for the alternate fire trail & everything that goes on in the background.

A big thanks!

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Well done Salty Nuts! You guys were cranking out some super fast times!

Well done also to all the marshalls. I met Smiley (Russell) before the start. Big respect to you all for being out there in the night fixing the track while we were all eating and sleeping at night!

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