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Training Session "PROPOSAL" Rollovers / Jumps

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By pikey - Posted on 14 January 2007

Training Session "PROPOSAL" Rollovers / Jumps

Hews Pde, Belrose, View 1.

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Where's the ramp(s)? I'm no expert but if you were going to practice jumps would you not want to go for something more like the Red Hill BMX section? Not that I've seen it for a while but I think there were some smallish jumps there with flat sections (ie. not gaps) between up and down ramps, ideal for starting out.


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From my experience people starting out will try going the next step in height if the landing area is not surrounded by rocks and trees.
This location lets people get up the courage to jump and not worry about where they land.
Good for beginners up to those who want to drop 5 feet. I learnt a lot there.

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OK but still no real ramps up? More drop-offs than jumps?


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youre more likely to come across a drop off on a trail than a jump. like i said before, itll be good fun anyway.think of a date greg and ill be there. if it gets boring we could still go for a ride afterwards.

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Soon to be 8-Lives

If you so badly need a ramp then I'll bring along some bricks and sheets of ply Eye-wink
I will then look forward to you launching off the highest point.

Behind the rock face is 30 metres of flat grass. More than enought speed to be gained to launch off.


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My point is that you're calling it "jumps/roll-offs" when there aren't any jumps, just drop-offs and the two are a bit different in how you can tackle them. Sorry if I'm being a little negative, I'm sure it will be fun.


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Ah, well, if you drop/roll off some of that higher stuff there on the left you're sure to mangle yourself, if not the front end of yer bike also.

I think the 'jump' comes from the fact one will have to launch at speed off that part rather than roll (or drop) off it 'cos it's too high to do that (just roll/drop).

Either way, that side's not for me Eye-wink

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Call me a pedant I know but being a whingeing pom what would you expect, I think the definitions should be:

Jump: Involves actually moving upwards while not in contact with the ground, using a ramp, kicker etc. As distinct from a hop (bunny or mono) where you propel upwards without a ramp/kicker.

Roll-off: Both wheels maintain contact with the ground while the bike negotiates a steep downward section.

Drop-off: As with Roll-off but both wheels don't maintain contact with the ground so that the bike drops through the air, but does not move up and hence is not a jump.

Anyway, class dismissed, next I will be correcting spelling in posts (believe me it's tempting) in an attempt to prove how really old I'm getting, at which point you may commence throwing paper planes, rubbers, knives, bats...


[who is still trying to figure out why he gets excited about these things and not, say, global warming, though don't get me started...]

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Looks interesting!
So when are you going for a bit of a drop-roll-jump-fall-off??
Will make sure I bring a camera for some text book 'jump off the bike' drops Smiling

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I have to do a bit of date/time juggling.

As the landing zone is a soccer field we need to arrange a morning before the season starts again, or we can do any afternoon. I also need to rest my dicky knee one more weekend.

Ill put a date forward by this weekend!

Till then.


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Sounds great!
Forgot about your old knee! Hope it is getting better every minute but no rush at all! better to wait a bit longer than having trubble with it for aaages.
All the best,

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OLD, OLD ??????????????? Your in big trouble young lady.

I'll be guiding you off the little 5 foot drop Eye-wink

I'd say the weekend after this will be the go.

Look forward to seeing you there


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You're in for it now!

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That didn't come out right, did it?! Smiling

But following such a handsome and experienced rider like you I am very happy to risk my life and to go down the little 5 foot drop Smiling!!

Have a great weekend and see you soon!

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no way, not the way u jump!!!!
but...look forward to see u at the oval,date??

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I'm really really keen on this...don't get much chance to learn from people for this sorta thing. Anyone have a suggestion for a date? This coming Saturday would be awesome for me (hey just a suggestion)...Sunday I have paintball training during the day and volleyball competition at night...

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Well, when does your dicky knee allow some extra-curricular activities?

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I'm back, I'm mean, but with a broken machine!

Yes I broke something "again" at Ourimbah last Sat but at least it was only my bike not me but it will be ready for next Sunday because.....

We have a date for the rollover / jumps training session.

Date: Sunday 11-3-07
Time: 8:00 am
Where: Hews Reserve, Belrose. The reserve is on Hews Pde, which is off Forest Way (west), down the hill from the President Hotel.
Duration: about 2 hours

What’s going to happen: Everybody taking advantage of peer group pressure thus pushing their personal limits (and fears) in attempting and learning how to successfully complete rollovers and jumps. Due to the unique natural rock layout one can roll over &/or jump off rock ledgers ranging from the height of a gutter right up to the height of a car roof (note for Gary & Matt). The landing zone as the photo’s show is soft downward slopping grass, no sharp rocks or random trees to distract you.
(I want to know who planted the stupid random tree I hit at Ourimbah 5 weeks ago)

If you can’t make this date don’t dispar as I’m sure there will be others.

Look forward to a good morning of learning and confidence building. (Caroline, after her Ourimbah Downhill conquests last Sat will be one of the instructors Eye-wink


PS: I just need to remind every one turning up that I will be there practicing. All those who join me practicing are responsible for their own judgements and outcomes.

PS PS: if there’s enough interest I could lead the keen and converted, following our training, down to the “Technical” section of Cascades.

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very very interested...will confirm Smiling

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Hi Greg!

Count me in! Glad you only hurt your bike this time Smiling. Loved the downhill and can't wait to learn more!

Have a good week!

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Sounds awesome. I'll be there!

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The boss is away....again so I'm on Mr Mom duties for the weekend.

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If we are going to do part of Cascades after I better book my place now.

See you Sunday.

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Sadly i can't come either - sad for me that is...
wW have exactly seven days to do the magazine so Sunday is work day
Hope you all have fun and I will have to try and convice someone with super human patience to teach me another day...

MEEEE Smiling

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Hiya Greg,

Great to see you on Sat. Smiling
Count me in for this one.

PS: Christine - any excuse to get out of Cascades Smiling. Personally I think you should tell your boss that Sunday is for riding not working Smiling

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I'm guessing newbies are welcome. Work allowing I'll be there.

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so i can't - AND!!! just quietly, I did cascades a few weeksa ago...and really enjoyed it!

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Yes Ian the morning is there for all to come and learn.

If your sitting out there pondering, don't, just turn up and watch if you want. But bring your bike.

Catch Ya's Sunday.


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Been waiting for something like this

Happy riding

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I am not a definite yet, but I think I should make it. Seeing there is nowhere else to travel to, I guess we can turn up when we can?


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will someone please take photos for those of us who can't make it?
should be such a fun day
good luck everyone!

MEEE Smiling

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You might want to amend the Topic name with tomorrow's time details.

BTW, I should be there. Laughing out loud

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Any plans to do another one of these days in the not too distant future?

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Yes I expect there will be another session at Hews Parade but in the short term if your up for a bit of fun jumping and rolling off more biggerer rocks then I surgest you attend the
"Red Hill Fun Day / Practice" this comming Sun 15 Apr as I understand it is a "stop and play" day which is similar to the training day we had above.


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