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Northern River Tracks

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By Lesscroft - Posted on 12 February 2010

Hey Guys

I have just moved from MTB Mecca in SA to Lismore NSW. I cant seem to find anywhere or anyone to ride with. I am an all mountain biker so i dont care if its up hill or down, just has to be off road cause my tyres hate the road.
Let me know about the good spots if you know of them, I have a ute with two seats free for anyone keen for some trails.

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this is a Sydney based site mate! but very informative anyway! maybe someone has some knowledge of the Lismore area?

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Thats exactly my problem, i cant even find a website for this part of nsw!

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"I cant even find a website for this part of nsw!"

Do you want to start one? Eye-wink

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How far from Armidale is from Lismore?

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its 350km to armidale
and yes if i cant find a webiste/forum for riders in the northern rivers im going to start one. I work as a radio host so i might even be able to plug it and get some members

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