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Husky Enduro 2010

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By Rob - Posted on 18 February 2010

Sunday, 20 June, 2010 (All day)

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

8 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Online Entry:
Meeting Point: 

This is the recheduled event, first attempt was cancelled due to bad weather.

Who's in?
Lach, D-on, philberesford, Supagav, VC, Bikeboy, CROMERBOY, Antsonline, Dicko, FOB, Fatboy, Trev, TheDugong, ps (14 riders)
Lach D-on philberesford Supagav VC Bikeboy CROMERBOY Antsonline Dicko FOB Fatboy Trev TheDugong ps
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
Bikeboy Husky Enduro ( 50K) Finished
VC husky enduro 50k Finished 02:49:07
Lach Nifty 50 Finished 02:53:55 146 50km/Male/Masters 61
Supagav FAST 100km Finished 04:27:56 11 100km/Male/Open 2
D-on Heaps of fun at Husky Finished 05:22:59 87 100km/Male/Masters 25
Matt_B Husky 100 - fun day out Finished 05:25:03 92 8
philberesford Sub 6hrs - finally Finished 05:58:47 155 100km/Male/Open 63
ps 1st 100k race Finished 06:08:20 174 100km/Male/Masters 61

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CookPassBartridge's picture

Hello all, with this Husky Enduro, the website says it's:

"100km and 50km Mountain Bike Race, in a single large loop format. The race will consist of approximately 30% single track, 25% single trail, 40% fire trail and 5% sealed road.".

How many kms is one loop?


BT's picture

I read that as being one single loop for the 50K and one for the 100K. Just like Dirt Works or the Angry Doctor or Fling i.e. you don't ride out into the bush for 100km and then need to find your way back to the start somehow...

It's all in here anyway -

Dicko's picture

Any updates on how the tracks being used for the Husky are fairing after all this rain.

What's the feedback on how quickly things dry out down there ?

Still trying to get me bike to function correctly from last weekend - not sure I'm keen to put it through that again.


Lach's picture

but I'm a bit worried about the elevation profile for the 2nd 50 of the Husky - seems to go below sea level a few times??

VC's picture

I lived near these tracks for most of my life, i even carved some of them on a motorbike over the years, i dont recall any major long hills out there, some firetrail type roads would be fairly common i would expect,MTB riding wasnt too common when i left the area, but perhaps its more prevalent now...?

Scottboy's picture

there is a irritating fire road climb out the back near Western Rd they might use I think ,haven't seen the course map yet

philberesford's picture

I've never ridden down at Jervis Bay. Anyone know what the trails are like? Rocky? Muddy? Scabbly? Technical? Flowy? etc...

Sinkes's picture

Have a blast!
Wish I could be there.

VC's picture

From memory, there was a variety of terrain, from clay when its wet , to leafy covered topsoil, in some low lying spots it can be sandy........nothin we aint experience around here, I'm bustin for this one .And it better not rain, i just thawed out from canberra, and am still fixin my bike......

Bikeboy's picture

Only if it stays dry .......If not the bike is going straight back in the car , after picking up the overflowing goodie bag ......oh hang on they dont have much in them anymore do they .

As for tyres Kenda Nevagal up front and Small Block eight following ( really crap rear in the mud too)

Look out for the nigel no friends and come and say hi , i will be the exhausted one after 10 k's


Lach's picture

but shouldn't be wet. Some variations in predictions at the moment between web sites, but I like "Mostly Sunny. Mild. Breezy. 29 km/h winds from the SSW, 60% humidity, min 12, max 18". Some rain is predicted late this week, so it's unlikely to dry out in some areas after that, but it shouldn't be like that ride in Canberra that I won't mention......

VC's picture

70% chance of rain so the weather says, it couldnt be like the last new pads, new discs, (and i want them to last more than three hours) new attitude, same old legs and no practice since canberra....lets can i identify all the nobmobers? would be nice to know who's who.....

Matt_B's picture

i bet you will find all sorts of people Eye-wink
Seriously are you riding the 50 or the 100 (I met you with Wayne at the CP after do)

VC's picture

Im doin the 50k...hopefully my girl will make me more of her homemade energy cake (no, nothin' sus)with all natural organic ingredients. AAh yes i remember, now i know two people from the nobmob, .............still need to test and tune bike after some new parts and tweaks, i;ve had nearly no practice since CP, but its jump on and pedal...........bring it on........!!!

Bikeboy's picture

I dont know many people there either , but i will be easy to spot ...... I will be the loner mooching for some homemade energy cake !!!

I have been on the bike three times since the 50 Cap Punish though , so i may be k's ahead of you ........Not ...

steel-o's picture

does anyone know of a good place to stay? all the places seem to cater for large groups only looking for a place for me and my girlfriend?

VC's picture

try culburra beach they have a small motel there and it's onlt a 15 minute drive to Callala,

CROMERBOY's picture

We got a cabin in Culburra - the place looks good - I think it was about $170 a night.

Lach's picture

There's also a caravan park with cabins at Myola, which is warm up riding distance from the start.

philberesford's picture

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