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Yelowmundee 4hr Enduro - WSMTB Summer Series

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By Whisperer - Posted on 21 February 2010

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Solo - Male
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A perfect morning for an endurance race. Got up in the dark at 5:30 and set off by 6 for a 7am rego and 8am start.
The sun rose as a giant orange ball in the sky behind me as I drove out there, and there was mist on the paddocks giving it a crispy feeling. Perfect for riding! Met up with Gav, V and Onegear in the usual spot, and after the usual rush to get everything organised the race began.

I set out with a clear objective to do well, finish strongly and see how I'm measuring up in a solo 'race of truth'....
The first couple of laps I pushed it a bit, getting my heart rate up into the 90's (% of max), so I could establish a position on the track.
Then backed off a bit and kept my hr average between 82-83%, as that works for me pretty well in the long distance events. The laps ticked off, and I got my lines smoothed out and dialed in, keeping a steady pace. I did my first stop at 2:15, filled up the camelback, grabbed some food and took off again. I'd got a bag of ice on the way out there, and my water bottles were crispy cool, which was a good thing as the cool morning temperature was long gone - it was pushing 30 degrees at about the 10am mark...
As I hit the 3hr mark, I noticed I was overtaking a lot of solos. Feeling good, I put in a couple of really solid laps and must have picked up about 10 places. With the lap times I was doing I figured I'd come in in the 10 minutes before cutoff, so could squeeze in one last lap.
The heat was really getting to me by midday (up to about 34), and the last lap was done on an empty tank - I was wasted by then, but thought it was worth it to get an extra lap up. Not having any idea where I was placed, it was a matter of just finishing and hoping for the best. So I ground up the last few hills, even used the granny a couple of times and came in to finish. I think I slipped back one place - but everyone on the last lap was taking it pretty easy so the pressure was off.

Gav, V and Onegear were sitting back looking far too fresh. Gav and V had both one their classes, and V had wrapped up the series in first place - what an awesome effort!!!!

My final result was 15th out of 98 starters in the open mens solo, so pretty happy with that. If they'de run a master's category would certainly have been at the pointy end!

Congrats to the team - great to be out there in such great and supportive company!


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i think we should start a protest group though! "BRING BACK MASTERS CATEGORIES AT XC RACES"
good effort old boy! with Martine getting stronger and stronger since she got the the roadie and Steve 01 getting back to form i think we should do ok at the Mont!

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I spoke to the organisers out there, and they said there isn't enough support from the sponsors to have a big enough prize pool to support masters. I said it's not really about the prizes, but they were busy, and didn't get too far. So that applies to the club races.

I also had a good conversation and email discussion with trailburner from Rocky Trail recently, and pointed him to our recent posts on the subject (including your's Gazza), and they will be supporting masters cats for the year ahead to see how it goes.

So, I guess it's a matter of being heard by the organisers. It's ok for the classics like DW, Fling etc, but with the mid-range events we need to be vocal with the organisers (constructive emails Eye-wink ). It wouldn't hurt to discuss with some of the bike shop owners about our predicament, and the fact that masters have a pretty substantial disposable income compared to juniors/uni students etc, and see if someone would be interested in sponsoring the category at a couple of events.

And, yeh..... Bring on the Mont!!!!

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Whisperer, well done! It was in my eyes a very tough race. I went, entered for the first time and literally burned up after 2hrs 45min. Its a whole different style of racing that I am used know going around and around the same bumpy track for 4 hours in 30+ heat! Normally I ride at the cooler parts of the day (7am -10am) and couldn't really fathom why so many people were so keen to ride at that time of the day! In the end the heat really killed me. A race like that definitely separates the men from the boys and in this case I was the latter! After seeing your placing, its all about respect, great effort!

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You provide inspiration to us gentlemen of a more mature vintage

I heard the track was in pretty dodgy condition after all the rain
So that with the heat = a bloody good effort

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