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A poll of sorts --> your favourite ride, and why?

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By Little-Ditty - Posted on 03 February 2007

So as we all branch out and explore new rides, our portfolio of completed trails gets ever larger. For varying reasons, we seem to prefer some rides over others. Some of us like the dangerous ones. Some like to be tested for fitness and stamina. Whatever ride you prefer, you want to go back to this favourite ride over and over again. And you don't ever tire of it.

So what is your favourite? And why?

Having thought about this question, I initially picked Oxford Falls, because it has that 'bit of everything'. But I changed my mind to Red Hill. It has my preferred mix of technical downhill action that seems to just hit the spot for me. Especially when combined with a heavy duty bike that can hack all the rocky drop-offs.

The consistent series of rocks, steps and ledges seem to flow together into a seamless technical masterpiece that few other trails can match. If ever someone wants to test their nerve for technical downhill prowess, speed, and risk, this is the place to be!

So, what is the best part of Red Hill?

1. Would have to be the Drop Zone, full of awesome drop-offs and roll-offs that seem to tease you, as you try to complete a new and harder section each time you go through there. It asks you plenty of questions, and hopefully with each new appearance, you have a new answer.

2. Garden of Gullies, with it's massive rockface to ride down to test those with b*lls bigger than their brains (the name of this rock is unknown to me). Don't be scared though, it is actually no harder than the Big-Drop at Ourimbah. And to make matters easier in this case, it is all sandstone to make grip much easier. But still, getting down this rock is definitely a satisfying accomplishment in itself.

Hoping to hear yours. Laughing out loud

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so far , out of lane cove, terry hills, oxford, red hill, cascades, the royal national park, and ourimbah, ourimbah wins by a land slide for me, its got everything, and so amazingly well made too, the people that put it together put alot of effort, from the dips, switchbacks, jumps, burms, drops, padded trees!, b-lines- amazing x-country, downhills, yah its mountain bike heaven for me...

i think ill prefer red hill too when my skills increase, and possibly my hardtail becomes nice and travelly Smiling

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I like the diversity of the Red Hill/Cromer area. As well as the nice little single track at Deep Creek that runs parrellel to the creek.

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My new second favorite track( ourimba being the first.) is red hill. The first time i rode it was only the second time id ridden a mountain bike in 8 years and it was after the rains about 6 months ago. It was bloody awfull. An absolute assault course. I vowed never to go there again. Well now im living a few mins ride from the trail its a different story. On my epic i enjoy the main trails and the sweet single track ive finally found after countless times of getting completelly lost! But now ive got big suspenders im in love with some of the bigger stuff that only last week i said no way to! Anyone fancy an explore, drop off and jumpy kinda ride dont hesitate to get in touch.

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Lithgow. That track is the best!

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When you say Lithgow do you mean the Lisdale XC track? If so that track is totaly awsome, we rode it a couple weeks ago, at 10.5km of mostly tight single track through the pine forest it is right up there with some of the best.

Also rode Darkes Forest track last Sunday, this track is very cool, it has a nice mix of single track, technical descents & lung busting climbs.

Red Hill & Ourimbah are also on the list of favorites.

With so many good trails its impossible to narrow it down to just one favourite!

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This Lisdale place, you mean here:

Given this is state forest, assume it's open access and not limited to any particular club?

What about Darkes, found this:

Seems this is on private property and the club track of Southern Off Road Cycling Club.

Given that, and that Darkes looks a bit short might stay away, but reckon I'm up for a Lisdale visit.

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Yep your spot on with the Lisdale track Rob. I think the local club might use it sometimes, but is open to the public any other time. You can count me in for a trip out there in the future.

The Darkes Forest track is on private property & only open to club & other events. There is a 8hr race coming up on the 18th March, a good chance to check it out if you havent been there before. The track distance was about 8.5km I think, but after five or so laps its a pretty honest test of fitness.

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