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Mt. Buller Victoria Trails

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By JONZZ - Posted on 28 February 2010

Planning a visit to Mt.Buller
Does anyone have any local info. about trails ,riding and accomodation ?
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Hi Jonzz,
I am going there on March 13 & 14 but it will be my first visit. I am stayng at the Arlberg Hotel at $110 per night but I know you can get cheaper accomodation in the ski lodges.

In regard to the riding I understand that there is 100ks of trail, an international downhill course and I believe that they have built or are building a skills park with obstacles etc to hone your skills on. Many of the trails have been designed by Glen Jacobs so you can expect good quality flowing trails.

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Went down there last summer, it was awesome. we needed rest days inbetween riding because our hands were killing us from DH.

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