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Speed Debate Resolved

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By Rob - Posted on 15 February 2007

Someone was asking how Japan was... the answer is very nice thankyou. How did you know I was there? No secrets round here is the answer I guess Eye-wink

Anyhow, I've often said that I thought one could go a fair bit faster on skis then a bike but have come across some non-believers in my time.

The fastest time I've recored off road on a bike so far has been 54.4Km/h down part of the Tianjara Fire Trail:

Update: Ah, actually, I think faster was had from the helipad to gate on this run down The Oaks, looks like maybe 56-57Km/h:

Quicker still down the Causeway means the exact figure isn't shown (erm... that, and a crazy GPS error right at the end).

Over 40Km/h is routine at places like Cascades, but I believe the above is fastest in the MB digest. Maybe I'm just a wimp when off road... have hit over 70Ks on sealed stuff (coming down Black Mountain in Canberra) so those rocks and dirt must be hurting either the rolling resistance or one's sense of security Eye-wink

Whist in Japan though had the chance to ski with a GPS, and also on some fast runs - they were groomed to perfection in Shiga Kogen and as there was no snow during the day for the first few of the trip this landed some nice fast runs. The GPS shows that one can hit 50-60Km/h down just about any wide open run. It also shows that max speeds completely blitz a bike, day 3 here I managed 105.3Km/h:

Nice, eh? So there you go - skis will beat a bike any time (erm... that there is snow on the ground and it's a big slope!) Eye-wink

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on your own, atleast for this run I assume, no fresh powder on the ground, groomed trail presummably iced over from the night before......are you sure you weren't on speed going that fast?

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Thanks for that,

I have always thought skiing/snowboarding was much faster but never got any measured speeds, Wow over 100Km/h, I cant even reach those sorts of speeds on my road bike.

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