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Fraser Island

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By hairylittlehobbit - Posted on 09 March 2010

I'm heading up to fraser island soon, is it worth taking the bike? anyone been before?

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It's very, very sandy. I've been there with 4WD's and its easy to get stuck with big fat sand tyres....

My guess is that there are some pockets of compacted sand/dirt in the rainforested areas, but doubt that the rest of is rideable.

Maybe with a Pugsley, but I doubt its fun. Sad

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Was there in December last year, and unless you're planning on riding on the shoreline (eek for both bike components and the crazy 4wd highway) or riding around Kingfisher resort (tarmac), you will be pushing/carrying your steed more than riding it.

Only think of taking your bike if you are going somewhere else before or after Fraser.

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The only riding you will do is off the ferry ramp. Rest of the time you will hate yourself for taking the bike.

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I think ill take the good advise and leave it at home instead.

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