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By GAZZA - Posted on 09 March 2010

managed to find a 2010 fork after the re spray that looks like it was made for the bike! what a find and what a great job on the re spray! Thanks to the un named nobmobber ( his identity is being protected to save him from too many requests for a re spray! ) unless he wants to reveal himself? Eye-wink
and a big thanks to another nobmobber who helped me out with the enlargment of the Cannondale stickers! Cheers mate!
btw, the stickers were only used as a template then peeled off later so all thats on the bike is paint!

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that should shave even more time off your laps.

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Very nice!

I hope you took a shed load more pictures out on the trail before it gets dirty and scratched and stuff.

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Looks awesome gazza. Is this the new race weapon?

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Hey Gazza

I've got to say, that is about the best looking hardtail I've seen. Truly a thing of beauty and joy for all to behold ( as the man said )



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Very noice Gaz! Extremely jealous of your new baby... Eye-wink

Look forward to seeing the 'white lighting' lap times!

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very, very cool ride, 8.789kg?
not a fan of the "lefty", but this one suits u perfect, well done mate.
U kick A on that one, just use less cream!!

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I've been contemplating a respray of the Jekyll - man, that is awesome work.

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Pure speed machine - very nice.

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I can't believe you found that fork after the new paint
Definitely some divine intervention there, Gaz

That paint is drool worthy

What front tyre is that?

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Sweet ride Gazza. You'll be even faster on this Eye-wink

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its gordo's old frame and i was hoping it's still got a bit of his mojo in it but rode it round the dam yesterday at a very moderate pace! It hurt like hell! I'm so used to riding 130 mm travel! My legs and ass are killing me this morning! It'll be ok when i get used to it! Should have the old hardtail skills honed ready for the mont!

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THat is a sexy bike indeed.
I cant wait for my 'dale to turn up now....
So where was this 9.3kg 29er you are talking about? You are going to be seriously quick on the new weapon. See you at the Mont for a hot lap comp aye....

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with sram xx. Very sexy bike mate!

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I'm so jealous, I wish they could have sourced my size Sad as a so want a lefty

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the best fork out there bri! I'm a complete convert.

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So was it the alloy one? where was it?

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That isn't the bike he won the worlds on is it?

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Are the wheels and fork 29er as well, or just the frame?

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my bike is a 26 inch. Gav, my mate has a carbon flash 29er. Dylan, no, its one of Gordo's later frames. he was still riding alloy frames then i think?

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I have almost got a Flash 29er, I opted for the alloy version and and just got some of the superlight/nice parts on it from the start.
I am still waiting for it to arrive.....
I upgraded to the SL lefty and SI cranks with XX spider. This bike is going to be fast!!! actually hoping for it to be around the same weight as gazza's 26er.
So Gaz when will itget its first run at a race?

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should go well round Sparrow!
You're gonna love the lefty and those cranks, both super light and super stiff. should be a weapon? mind you, with 26inch wheels and super narrow bars??????? i might put a wager on a hot lap during the Mont! will you have the Flash for then?

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Lets put a wager on anyway, I am in a CBD team of SSer so no flash for me. I dont think it will be here anyway. I was hoping to have it by mid/late April it would great to have it for the dirtworks... sub 4.30?

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Good Job Gazza......that will be perfect for the milk run...or just grabbing a quick coffee...on your days off! Eye-wink

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So is it a Mazda or a Toyota ute Eye-wink

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GAZZA, supagav... LOL!

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Gav... Is that a mens four ss at the mont or mixed?

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