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Lithgow ride? Sun 1st April

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By Little-Ditty - Posted on 22 February 2007

Okay, it seems we have some interest for an out-of-town ride at Lithgow. It appears that some of us have been out there before and know the trails. They sound pretty good. A few of the local haunts have been kindly researched and posted here:

Thanks for the material on that.

I was thinking we should travel out there one weekend and have a look around. I am always on the lookout for a new ride. But at this stage I am just gauging interest! Let me know if you would want to get out there.

Hope to hear from you.

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Yo Ditty,

I'm up for this. 1-2 laps of the circuit and a bit of exploration in the wider forest maybe? You mean here of course:

Very busy next few weeks, but morning Sat Mar 17 is open right now. If anyone else wants that date too, game on!

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Would really like to get back to Lithgow, but cant do the weekend of the 17th as I am planning to go to the 8hr at Darkes Forest the following day(doing rego & some slow laps sat arvo).

Maybe next time though, if you do get up there have a great time.

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Would like to do it, will have to check with the trouble and strife. Ill let you guys know. Plus I have to get my bike fixed!!!! GGGRRRRRR
Damn that loose bottom bracket!

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Rob, when I read your post, I though "excellent, right after pay day!" It is cool to see fellow like-minded cyclists that are enthusiastic for an explore. I have never ridden around Lithgow, so it would all be new to me. It sounds excellent. But then I read Bruce's post. A shame we can't all get n'sync here. I propose that we go with Bruce as well. Can we try to get our agenda's matched so everyone can go?

Being devoid of ball-and-chain and this being so far out from the actual date, I will have no problems being able to make any agreed time. However can we get suitable alternative times from Rob and Bruce? How about Sat 24th or Sat 31st?

Hope to hear more from you all.


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Yeah, no worries. I can make 31st, but not 24th. But hey, go with the consensus, how's everyone else for this date?

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I am good...

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Excellent, I can make the 31st. Thanks guys:-)

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Count me in for this one. Smiling


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Hi guys!
I would love to come too but I have to work that Saturday. Any chance we could make it Sunday the first of April (one day later) ???!!! The track is so awesome!


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I am happy to do sunday if that fits in with everyone else. Would be great if you could come along Carolin, Two of us that have ridden there before lessens the chance of getting lost Smiling

Mmm April 1st, better start planning the pranks now.

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Gee Caro, it's always the chick that turns up last and starts organising everyone's agenda. Are you preparing for marriage or something? Sticking out tongue Only gagging ya!! But I feel we should be able to make this work.

To all that are interested, I am fine with either Sat 31/03, or Sun 01/04, or both.

You see, I can ride both days as my brother lives in Lithgow, so I can be there overnight and turn up on Sunday morning refreshed and energetic!!! Laughing out loud He has Fox, so I always get a nice evening of pay TV sports and a pizza dinner. Nice.

Any other hopefuls out there?

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nights accommodation at your brothers? Two days of riding, Fox, beer and pizza sounds enticing!!

You could maybe even do an arvo ride up at Mt York, not that far away and I believe well worth the trip, maybe even Mt York Saturday morning, Lithgow Saturday arvo and Sunday. Now who's organising someone else's agenda!!

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but not quite! -No time for that either Smiling -

Well someone has to keep the drug supply for Sydney going, hey? You just can't beat the stuff when it's made fresh!! Smiling

Would be awesome if we could make Sunday work!

Can I please have some relatives living in great places too?!
Am still waiting for that phone call from some long lost family memeber, maybe from Queenstown, Perth or somewhere in Canada would be nice.

Have fun at the Oaks!


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We shall see Stu - I'll wait to see how many are going first before I spring a question of spending the night at his house. We'll see if we can make that work. But I know that I will be taken care of - I'm family!!

There is other good news. He has no ball-and-chain to upset the events either, so that works well. Footy season would have started, so hopefully Wests Tigers would have walked all over Parramatta that Friday night, setting up a good weekend for me. Plus he has a VN ute so may play chauffeur that day. For that I'll really need to sweeten the deal with free dinner for him etc.

I have driven past the Mt York area on the way to Lithgow plenty of times. So tell us more about Mt York? Are there XC or DH trails there? What's it like? What's your rating of it?

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I shall start by saying that I have never ridden there, however Hughs book rates the single track as some of the best in the mountains, I think thats a big call. CBD are actually having a social ride / test day up there soon.

In that the trails are the old convict roads down the mountain, including some old horse trails, and they can be linked top and bottom to form up and down loops, you get a bit of everything, fast downhill, xc singletrack, and long climbs back.


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It sounds pretty interesting, except for the up-hilly parts. Downhill = Good. Uphill = Bad. That ride may need to be an explore I will do on another day and let you know what its like. Although, I am not averse to checking out new places to ride.


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either day is fine by me, sounds like fun..bit worried about your choice of league team there Liam...

MEE Smiling

Little-Ditty's picture

Hah! The 2005 PREMIERS, and I now won't let you forget it Eye-wink

christine's picture

where were they in 2006? missing a key player I believe!!
at least you don't go for the Bulldogs I guess...

craigs's picture

Caro, since when has Lithgow been rated as a great place?
Not sure it can be referred to in the same sentence as those other "great" locations Eye-wink
Just kiddin..

I spent some time out there in my junior years on a traineeship.....

I'll pencil it in


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It reminds me of that dreadful X Files where the boys kept their mother under the bed on a trolley...!! That was the only X Files i watched mind you...
there are some pretty houses in Lithgow...

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Just wanting to check that this ride is still going ahead for the 1st April, havent heard much talk about it for a while.

Really hoping it happens.

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The GF and I will be there! Smiling

In fact, we will be looking to do some walking, etc. in the area on Sat and staying in Lithgow some place ready for the ride Sunday morning.

If anyone else is out that way for the weekend Flynny has given me the following MB trail that might be worth checking out, time permitting:

Good way to finish the day as you can call into the Donny Brook pub for a quick schoie or two on as you ride back around to pick up the car.

Hmmmm... the ride up there looks a bit steep, but sounds like a good Saturday evening warm up? Eye-wink

PM me if you'll be there Sat evening - although many beverages are probably out, a couple may be acceptable Eye-wink

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I hate the fact that so many of my friends have chosen this year to get married....I am out due to another wedding or in fact its a bucks day/night on the 31st March.

When will they realise that I RIDE on weekends!

Hopefully by June they should all be out of the way.

Enjoy the riding Sad

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You bet it's still on!

That Bruce is a smart lad. I was just thinking today I needed to bump this topic back near to top to remind the crew about it. Well, hopefully no one needs a reminder that Lithgow is now only two weekends away.

For those that are interested, I am still intending to be there on the Saturday and the Sunday.

I will also bring my Lithgow topo map so we can find our way around. But maybe it is more fun just to ride around out there and get lost in the fun of it?

This is going to be a sensational riding weekend.


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Thats great, I will be in Lithgow Saturday afternoon sometime, ready for an awsome day of riding on Sunday.

Maybe a late Saturday arvo ride as suggested by Rob would be nice. Will see how my legs feel after my morning ride.

See you there.

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Hiya Little-Ditty,

I'll probably end up driving there Sunday morning. Any ideas on start times or places ?


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Well - I plan on copying this into the Edge and following it's trail:

Hmmm... the above seems broken now, how about this: (9.5Km loop).

There's also a short circuit: (2.8Km loop).

That makes the start here:,150.061526

Turn into 'Forest Ridge Drive' and stop after 50m or so at the first intersection.

Given I'll be in town, the usual 8:30am is fine by me, but will leave it you to you guys. Earlier or later - it's all good Smiling

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will be there Saturday arvo so up for a ride both days!
C you there,

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For those interested on a Saturday afternoon ride - it is probably best to avoid the middle of the day. How about a 4:00 p.m. ride? We should be able to get about 2.5 hours out of it. Also, best not to overdo it on the first day. As there is more to come!

We should allow time for people driving up from Sydney that morning. Drive will take about 2 hours. Bells Line of Road is the fastest route. Probably the best morning start time would be 9:00 a.m.

Are these okay by people?

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I will be a Sunday starter...9am is good by me thank you!

MEE Smiling

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