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Many Dam Conquered!

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By Rob - Posted on 22 February 2007

Oh happy day - this evening I finally conquered the last part of the Dam that has been getting the better of me for years (well, a couple anyhow). Of course I refer to the technical climb shortly after the golf view (or the talking/meeting rock).

The first time I rode this trail (sometime end of '04) I thought that most was doable - but there was that one part that I figured was pretty much impossible. Well, two and a half years later, and many, many attempts, it's all over for the Dam, I can ride the lot. Hurrah!

Great feeling, and then to go on and storm up the boardwalk and over the next peak without dabing was also nice (although that has been done before).

P.S. Please don't ask me to repeat the feat on camera - although Bruce and Caro where on hand to whiteness this minor miracle I can't vouch for when it might happen again Eye-wink

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All of it? Including the A line off Wookie Rock?

Nicely done on the climb, especially in the slippy conditions


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Ah... you mean the 19th hole? Hmmm... well, the signs say the trail goes right there (at the end of the boardwalk), which is what I do Smiling

I see you're point though - but please... one small moment of sweetness? Of course to up the challenge one now has to go faster and do it on a rigid SS Eye-wink

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How good was that, cant believe we got up that little climb, just got to get over that last rock at the top of the board walk & I will be as happy as a pig in you know what.

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I once saw a bloke do it by sticking to the far left to get up the first couple of bits. I can't remember if he stayed completely left for the last section or went more towards the middle.

I've only ever managed to get up the first 2 sections, and then only did that once.... ...for now!

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Looking forward to some laps around there with ya...riding all the way Smiling

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The line line straight up the middle is easier than it looks, concentrate on being smooth, dont try to be too fast to get up the two steps.

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As Alchemist said - this was the key. I've gotten up the first two steps many times but then mostly tried to go to the right of the small tree and climb up right next to the wire fence. I almost made if that way once, but this mostly ends up in collapsing into the wire at some point, which isn't so good.

I also used to almost charge at the first two steps, but think that's not so good. Pick a gear you can turn straight up that steep face - that's what worked this time (we'll see if it continues to!).

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Someone was asking if this was do-able every time now? Erm... "no"... but then again, haven't been back there much.

Yesterday I almost cleared the middle line again but faltered at the very top, that was quiet annoying.

Second lap I ended up right of the tree by accident but gave it a shot anyhow and made that line. Yeah! Have to admit that there's a rock 'ramp' there that makes it easier than it used to be (actually, said rock is there in the AMB article too).

So, 2/3 lines here - still no progress on the 19th hole though Eye-wink

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