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Bigger air

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By Buck - Posted on 29 March 2010

Award for biggest air while I was taking photos here

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haha, awesome
this a mate of mine Jeff, his nickname is BMX Bandito, he loves to show off Smiling
Surprised he didnt do a backflip for the cameraman Eye-wink


hawkeye's picture

from ACF who puts the hurt on in the HTFU sessions you guys do up the Blue Mountains? Laughing out loud

leximack's picture

Sure is, he's a legend in the Lower Blue Mountains Area Eye-wink
can ride up any hill in 39/23.
He rides with us on the M7 cycleway rides on tuesdays nights and makes us suffer there also.


p.s. he's good to have on rides, he loves chaning flat tyres Smiling

king_nelly's picture

if only bandito had internet we could send this to him!

leximack's picture

internet? he doesnt even own a mobile phone!
totally old school Smiling

hawkeye's picture

he probably has a life!

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