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10 speed for the masses

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Shame Shimano hasn't used a bit more imagination. Sad

I'm a big fan of there drive trains and shifting, but I think Sram's more inventive range is going to be a more popular choice with most riders and 2 x 10 is the future of MTB gearing.

I expect Shimano will come up with the goods eventaully, but it will probably be in the XTR range and that's going to be out of most peoples price range!Sad

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Timing just as I am gearing up my bikes Hmmm that X9 or maybe even X0 crank looks the go for me.

Once again Shimano have shown they dont have a clue three chain rings on a 10 speed crank doopey idiots.

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I can see the X0 family paired with the new Yeti 29er in my future

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Now that is amazing a Yeti 29er unbelivable.

Huffy will probably bring out one next.

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I don't really see the point in 2x10, although a 1x10 conversion would be more my thing if only so I could use the 36T cog and go for a 30T ring..

With the 2x10 you can get a 26/36 low V a 3x9 low of 22/34 ( the high options are the same ), so your left with the same amount of mechanical bits but less the gearing options, where's the benefit? apart from the "look at me i have the bling".

I'm all for minimizing the consumable parts on my bike and no front derailleur is a good thing so I went for a 1x9 option on one of my bikes, and that allowed me to run a more snappy mid cage rear derailleur ( another +) but it all depends on where you ride, a 3x9 gives you a gear for anywhere where my 1x9 really needs to be set up for a particular ride.

With 2x10 the I'm guessing the rings would have to be narrower ( less metal ) and the chain might be similarly compromised, so unless they use a harder wearing material ( who knows ) one could be forgiven for thinking that parts may wear faster and SRAM effectively have no competition in 2x10.. so prices will be high for some time yet.

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Rumours printed in the current issue of Mountain Bike Australia say Shimano is expected to release 10-speed gruppo for mtb for XT down to and SLX as well as XTR for 2011.

XTR is expected to be 2x10, the others 3x10. Cassettes are expected to go up to 36T at the rear, and front is expected to be 24/34/46.

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Ummm my original post had the link for the Shimano 10 speed Smiling
and they are strange in that they are offering a triple up front still vs the double for the SRAM.

I guess the benefit of the 2x10 is that you can cross chain to all 10 gears in either front chainring. Plus with the 3x9 there were massive overlaps in gear ratios anyway so I don't think you are losing anything by going to 2x10.

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Looks the goods, especially like the Red X9 hanger, and the crank to match.

Very nice indeed.

Prolly save a few grams in weight as well I would imagine, by going 2x10

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up front - 24/32/42 for supposedly smoother shifting.

Personally, I'm glad the triple has been retained up front. Not a fan of the double at all. I need my granny ring! Smiling

What does bug me is that no mention is made of dual control or rapid rise. Going to be extremely annoyed if they drop those! Sad

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