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29er ss

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By Trev - Posted on 24 April 2010

Hi can anyone out there help. I think (know) I need a 29er ss can anyone help with the n+1 without the W-1. Also some info on what ppl's opinion of whether this is a bike that I could ride. Or do I just want something pretty to look at? (This is a question I can answer for myself), and because carbon is out of the question what is the difference between steel and alloy?

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the new redline 29er monocog is out in steel for $1350.00

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used to have a Raleigh XXiX rigid (steel) and now have a Ventana El Comandante (alloy), both SS 29er. Never really noticed that much of a difference in the material to be honest.

I had the Raleigh for about a year before upgrading, taking it out once a week / fortnight to start with. Never had a problem with some of the commonly reported traits of 29er's - slow to start, tight in twisting singletrack but noticed straight away the better rolling capabilities. Over time my riding got better and fitness improved massively. One thing I did do was put a front suspension fork on as though rigid was fun it takes it out on your wrists.

Not sure if you use clipless but that made a big difference too in getting up stepper hills. Now i"m at the point with my fitness where I use my SS 29er to do the Oaks up and back, inc the killer hill at the end. When I picked up the Ventana in January I spent the next 4 months solid just riding SS, so I do think it can the the one bike, it's that much fun.

If I were to give any specific advice it would be:

1. Get front suspension
2. Start with gearing around 32 front, 18 or 20 rear and then reduce rear cog as you improve
3. Get a frame that takes an adjustable seatpost, makes the world of difference on tech descents
4. Research whether you want eccentric bottom bracket or sliders to adjust chain length (EBB is easier but subject to slipping and noise) and there are some good slider systems now
5. If possible, get a frame that takes gears too. I know the Raleigh XXiX has an option for a rear hanger which gives you a more versatile bike down the line.
6. Carry spare chain links as you can't shorten a chain on the trail if it breaks
7. Look at a wide flat bar rather than riser as the big wheels raise the bars anyway. Niner and Jet Black do a 700mm flat bar and they're great for 29ers

Depending on budget, I'd look at the Redline, Raleigh, Ventana or Niner range.

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just came in at cranks in Chatswood!

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thats my fav bike now! got the frame from and build it up with spare parts I had and new one's from CRC.
32 x 18 is ok for me, some other 29er SS riders ride a 32x19, 33x17.
Steel is better, more "forgiving" ride, first 29er SS I had was a Alu Viper frame and it was very "stiff", (will be a road SS with 44x18 very soon!!!)
Gary Fischer has a very nice 29er SS, which is on special, I think, at some bike shops around the North Shore.
go for it, its a lot of fun.
**and I love this one, but not in Bike shops here......** at US $ 1800 a very good buy, but you have to get one over there.....

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