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Mounting Garmin Edge 305

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By Brian - Posted on 08 May 2010

With the recent talk here I decided to show my home made Garmin cover/mount.

All you need is clear table cloth from Bunnings (cut from a roll), velcro strap, adhesive foam (optional) and small piece of 4mm ply (optional) as per below
Garmin Mount Items

Cut the plastic cover 280mm by 350mm.
Cut the ply to 34mm by 82mm

Wrap the Garmin as per below
Garmin Mount Initial Wrap

Fold the ends as per below. You will notice I fold the lower one 20mm from the end first as this can help stop water getting in.
Garmin Mount Second Step

Place on stem and secure as per below. The idea of the ply is to help stop pulling down on the top cover to prevent it pressing on the top buttons. I also keep it loose around the bottom buttons as they have occasionally (happened twice) pressed on me. I also don't use the ply on my road bike as the small vibrations has caused it to rattle out and its not really needed when wrapped correctly.
Garmin Mount Last Step

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