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Torpedo7 - ROUTE 7 High Power P7 (900L) LED Headlight for $99!

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By MTB_Mark - Posted on 17 May 2010

Might consider buying one of these.

Does anyone else have one, how do they rate?

The LED is Good (P7 LED 900 Lumens) and they say up to 180 min on 100% anfd the batteries are Lithium Ion with recharge time of 3.5 to 4H.
Neat feature of power LED going red when battery has 25% left.

Just got the email today so it looks like a weekly special.

let me know your thoughts


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I think they are talking about these here under a different name.

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I think Ill get one!

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Just got myself 2, cant wait to get out there.

I think there could be quite alot of people on the trails next week.

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Called nitelight and have ordered another so i can put it on my helmet. Bright for the price.

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No way does this thing put out 900 lumens.

The battery is 8.4 Volts x 4.4 AmpHours = 37 watt-hours.

On high mode, the battery lasts 3 hours.

This means the LED is around 12 Watts (37 watt-hours divided by 3 hours).

900 lumens divided by 12 Watts is 75 lumens-per Watt, which is at the VERY top end of commercially available LED systems (which cost $$$).

Under IDEAL conditions (no heat build-up, pulse the chip), the LED CHIP ALONE might be RATED at 900 lumens, but no way does 900 lumens come out of the entire system, especially when it is warm.

See wiki which says "Note that these efficiencies are for the LED chip only, held at low temperature in a lab. In a lighting application, operating at higher temperature and with drive circuit losses, efficiencies are much lower. United States Department of Energy (DOE) testing of commercial LED lamps designed to replace incandescent lamps or CFLs showed that average efficacy was still about 46 lm/W in 2009 (tested performance ranged from 17 lm/W to 79 lm/W)"

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These (MagicShine, etc.) lights use an SSC P7 emitter. Google that and you will find (sic.):

Z-Power LED P7 series is single LED package providing the world highest brightness of 900 lumens and the efficacy of 90 lumens per watt to replace the conventional bulbs.

That is probably where the 900lm comes from. I'm not saying this is true or false, just stating the probable source. As you can see, SSC claim 90 lumens per watt.

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and I also have a 600 lumen Cygolite and these (Magicshine) are way brighter.

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These are available on deal extreme website for even less (sub AU$95 landed), but factor in 3 weeks delivery time (my piece of paper telling me mine are at the post office arrived today). Seems a lot of folk are happy with these, they rated well in local mag review, which incidentally ran a full page ad from the local distributor who has them at RRP $199. Tough to buy local at more than double.

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Mmmm looks like I will buy before I post next time as I got busy at work and thought I would order from home!
Got home and sold out! Will take you up on your tip!

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Was it AU or US?

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I opened the box from DX. These ARE the same lights, same battery, and they work exactly the same. EXCELLENT performance for the $$$.

A couple of things to note. The plug is not a local plug and needs a local plug adaptor (cost me $8 at the markets) but you CAN bend the pins (at the base) to fit a local powerpoint and they will work.

Also, the locally supplied version comes with 2 extras NOT in this kit. The first is the helmet mounting bracket I expected but was not there. I used the rubber rings to mount it to my helmet without the bracket and its fine, really simple, but fine (might be a good idea to carry spare rings incase the rubber wears and breaks over time). And secondly, an extension cable about 50cm in length is not included either. This might be an issue if you don't ride with a Camelback with a pocket close to the top of your back. Conversely, you have too much cable for a handlebar mount with the battery affixed to the stem, but better to have more than not enough.

That said, this will work for me, both lights (helmet and bars). They are too bright on high power to look at on bright, but they have a low setting for commuting (necessary to avoid blinding drivers via rear vision mirror). They also have a strobe feature, an off, and a battery indicator (good).

I am happy with performance and price (took a while to arrive direct from China in the post though). Buy with this feedback in mind. Hope it helps.

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Anyone got their lights yet? im hanging out for them but probably a bit wet anyway.

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