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Avid Juicy 5 hydraulic disc brakes...

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By shano - Posted on 23 March 2007

correction : Avid "Dodgy" Fives

Ok let me set the seen...I have been sidelined for a month with a twisted imagine my disappointment when I grab my bike and the brakes are locked on.
Squeezed them a few times and everything seemed to be normal. So I rode off to work which is only 1km away...
As I prepared to ride away at the end of the day a remarkable thing came to light. The glistening shine of hydraulic fluid seeping over the seam on both of the reservoir caps.
This problem occured on the rear brake not 3 months ago and the LBS bled it for me and seemed like I was out of trouble.
Now I feel I am lost in the desert and I looking for a sign.
There is what I feel should be called mounting evidence for the discontinued use of such devices.
My intentions are to discuss with my LBS what the problem is, and how they intend to resolve the problem. I expect that the reservoir cap and internal seal and what have yous..will need to be replaced altogether.
Any help offered would be appreciated immensely.


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...V-Brakes... =;o)

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This makes the problems I have with the antique Hayes (2003/4 model?) look decidedly non-existent.

They are ancient and the only issue I really have is that little screw that works loose (which plumber's tape seems to fix).

And I'd heard Juicy were the way forward... hmmm... what to spec for N+1 now? Sad

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I am in mixed minds about the Juicy 5's. Everyone I know that uses them has problems with the rear - either locking up or leaking or pads not going in or pistons not retracting. But they are absolutely wonderful when they work, and realignment is so so easy.

There is a seal in the reservoir and it bolts together pretty tightly, so I'd be worried if that one came loose. Maybe the bike shop opened it up during the bleed (there's a bit of confusion in the instructions where the Juicy 7's differ). The other instance I know of the system leaking through overpressure was when someone use a mallet to jam their pads in (because the pistons weren't retracting). They blew out the bleed screw seal.

Those issues aside, I'm very pleased with the Juicy 5's - when they work. If I was going to upgrade, I'd probably go for the Juicy 7's which are essentially the same brake, but with an adjuster knob to move the pad towards and away from the rotor. I don't know about any other brands, but I think that the whole shim thing to adjust the brake position would be enough to put me off.

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Took it back to the dealer and they will replace the caps ...

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Mate good news on the brake front!

It'll be good to see you out the again.

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