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Kinetic Rock n' Roll Bike Trainer?

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By Rob - Posted on 21 May 2010

Seeing as it's a slow news day and raining here Eye-wink

Check this out... gimmick or of some real use?

FWIW, I also saw a clip about Kinetic resistance units. They claim to be the only ones in the business using magnetically coupled drive, which means there are no seals to leak fluid out of. They also claim to be unique in using silicone based fluid that doesn't change viscosity with heat. Sounds good, but doesn't most marketing speak?

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I thought being a good road rider was all about sitting and spinning?

Looks like there is a lot of up and down bob in the the rear wheel too.

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Tell that to Gordo, I don't think I have ever seen him sit on his saddle.

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Maybe for time trailing/triathlon sit & spin is good, but all the best climbers stand and explode up the hills.

The other vid. I mention... think it was this one...

... Talks about the fact you can wobble and the front wheel can turn (with their turning riser thing) means core muscles get a little work too. Sounds plausible. Perhaps this is just a safer alternate to rollers, although I'd like to see someone moving the bike side to side like this on a set of rollers!

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Hey Rob

I've got a Kinetic Road Machine trainer. I's static so I couldnt coment on the side to side stuff, but it has the magnetic coupling and temp resistant fluid...... works like a dream. Very impressed. It's supposed to be very linear so that you can use your speedo to get a fairly accurate readout which can then be converted to give you power output figures....

You're welcome to borrow it if you want to give it a try


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... and I'm surprised it's taken this long to get into the cycling scene.

R/C cars have been using silicone shock oils for at least 20 years because of their temperature-neutral properties. So I don't think that part of their marketing speak is hype.

What surprises me is that Fox, Rockshox and the like apparently haven't adopted it yet for their shocks and forks.

I like the idea of the side-to-side freedom - less strain on the bike's frame, less chance of falure and voiding warranties. I saw a youtube video a couple of weeks ago of some US Marines training on some techy-looking spin bikes that had the same feature.

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Hey CB... I don't care what they say about the guys over the wall, you're a generous guy! Eye-wink

Looking at this weather might take you up on that Sad

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Hawkeye, I've been wondering the same thing regarding shock oil...

I used to race R/C cars both off-road and on-road for some time and the benefits of pure silicone shock oil were well documented according to the manufacturers. I never used anything else, so I can't give a comparison.

I've been wanting to give it a go in my rear shock and forks, but it's too expensive to buy in larger quantities, as I need a fair bit in my marz 66's. Plus added to that I don't think I'm a good enough rider to possibly even notice the difference. lol

I might do a google hunt and give it a go for shit's-n-giggles.

I do however use 80wt silicone shock fluid for my seals and as an assembly lubricant when I rebuild. Works extremely well!

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