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Fell off my bike. On the asphalt after the Oaks! Now have post op xrays

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By Jeff - Posted on 23 May 2010

The pain of missing Capital punishment next week is worse than the collarbone.
Des did a great job of fixation with more than 4 pieces in the puzzle

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clipped in? Sad

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How did you manage to fall off there?

Out of interest, Stuart O'Grady broke a collarbone in the Tour of California couple days ago. Heard an interview with him yesterday and he said he' be on the trainer within the week and back out on the road within two! Commentator said this was the 5th time he's done one!

Wishing you a speedy recovery too!

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My surgeon was only half joking when he said the repair was so strong I could ride the next day if I was a pro and needed to get back on the bike!

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I was probably going too fast, relaxed and inattentive after having all the fun of the single track at dusk, then I was in the culvert, on a straight section! My mate GD said the bike did 3 great somersaults. I landed with my right shoulder on the asphalt edge. Funny sensation using your helmet to help arrest momentum. I'm seeing the orthopod tomorrow. I hope he can screw it together.

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Yes I was clipped in, but flew out of the eggbeaters.

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That's real nasty. Sad

Who's your carpenter?

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Des Bokor

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Have you checked on the bike? Is it ok!

I hope you have a speedy recovery............

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... good. I believe he trained the guy who tied my shoulder capsule back together, Gregg Burrow.

When do you go for the op?

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Op tomorrow.
Bike ok. just a few scratches. I am amazed nothing on the bike needs repair, just adjustment.
I can vouch for the Evo lite pads protective benefit, if I hadn't used them I'd have been a lot worse off at the least with considerably more skin loss.

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You're in good hands. Bokor is widely recognised as one of the best shoulder choppers doing the rounds. It's hard to tell but from the xray it looks like a nice clean break so hopefully the surgery is pretty straight forward and you're back on the steed soon

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I'm really pleased with the result of the fixation

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Dang, you beat me by two! Laughing out loud I have seven in my hand.

Ah, no you haven't, I can add the four in my shoulder! Sticking out tongue ... Urrgh, not really the kind of contest you want to win, is it? Sad

The alignment in the second x-ray looks excellent. I suppose they're leaving the titanium in there unless it causes problems?

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I've got thirteen .... hope i don't get any more this weekend !


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Des said I might have the bits out when its healed

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