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Awaba – single speed gearing

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By CharlieB - Posted on 28 May 2010

I am relatively new to the world of single speed riding. But I have entered into the Rocky Trail enduro at Awaba in July. I convinced a mate to join me, and given his complete lack of riding opted for the 4hr solo effort. So given the short(er) format I thought go the SS. I understand there is a bit of a hill to deal with so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions re gearing?

By way of reference I am currently running 32*18 and am happy completing the dam - current SS best lap being 32min 2 sec.

Also – and do not laugh, will I need a new chain? I am running a GT peace with an eccentric bottom bracket. So say I moved a couple of teeth in either direction out back – what does that do to the required chain length?

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Assuming you're on a 26inch bike and not some stupid clown bike with massive wheels, then 32:18 is fine for Awaba. I run that or 17.

Re the new chain - no you don't need it. As you change rear cogs, you loosen the eccentric bottom bracket, move it to the new position (either forward or back) for the chain length and re-tighten.

Enjoy the 4 hour, the track at Awaba is becoming one of the best in NSW.

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I get around Awaba fine with a 32:17. That said I haven't tried to tackle the hill on the red loop with the SS. I think that would present a serious challenge regardless of your gearing.

The rest of the track is sweet for SS. 32:18 will be pretty good, I only spin out on the DH fire road sections with the 32:17 so your gearing will be fine.

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I ride 2:1 or lighter as a rule there. My cross bike has 38:19 and my 26" has 32:17. Both work fine for me, though I haven't played on the red lap with a SS yet.

I will be taking both to the VVC 10hr

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Thanks for the comments - I think I will just stick with what I have got. Not that many seem to be many takers for the 'red lap' / hill.

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