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Capital Punishment Pictures

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By Rob - Posted on 31 May 2010

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Yup - that pic of the bogs in the bog says it all Eye-wink

Brilliant pics.. take me right back.

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I can't believe that this event went ahead in the first instance, and secondly, if the organisers didn't have the balls to call it off, why would you ride trails so obviously wet. I would think there are some pissed off local trail riders.

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I'm a local trail rider and I ain't pissed off. I'd have been very pissed off it they'd have called it off when I turned up on Saturday morning, as would the 3 mates from Sydney I had staying with me who had also paid $130 each, a few hundred volunteeers who had to get up at 4am, traffic marshalls, caterers, and 1500 other people who turned up and paid for accommodation etc, just because it was muddy . It was just a mountain bike ride in the wet. Jesus, aliens coming to this planet would think mountain bikes melt in water the way some people go on..

People keep comparing this to the Husky Enduro that got cancelled a day out, but there it had been raining heavily for a week before the race, and was forecast to continue raining during and after the event. In Canberra it had been dry in the few days leading up to the event and the tracks were fine until after the first couple of hundred sets of wheels had gone through.

Who's ever called off a race just because it's forecast to rain on the day? It's not like there were raging floods or a hurricane forecast.

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It was great. The mud made it hard but fun. There were a few ridiculous sections but Stromlo held up really well and Majura was awesome fun.
The organisers did a great job.

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Those pictures looked pretty damning to me. And no I was not there. I just assumed it must have been raining a lot prior to Saturday. I do understand the difficulty organisers have with calling events like this off. So in retrospect I revoke my stance on the event being called off, but applaud those individuals who decided not to ride. Cheers

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I reckon those pine forests will dry back down nicely, the last one before Stromlo kind of had the consistency of quicksand, and it did seem to swallow up tracks that had just been made. It also didn't seem like there had been that much rain, just the substrate in the plantation forests being particular

It was brutal, but fun in a sick painful kind of way - an epic day out

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looks f%#@'n horrible, well done to those who had the balls to stick it out...

I'm in next year because "statistically" it wont rain two years in a row.. right? Smiling

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Great Pics's - almost makes it look better then it was !

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Those pics were rubbish.

Not really, I just wanted to be controversial. Awesome pictures with an artistic eye for a great pic.

I hope your camera survived with fewer marks than my bike!

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Dave, that's what they thought when scheduling the second Sydney24 Smiling

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He needed a few of riders laying in the single track under their bikes and the pic's would have been a complete summary of the day...

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Definately looks much rosier in the pics!!

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The bloke in picture 17 sure is handsome!

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