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This week's round-up

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By Rob - Posted on 10 June 2010

Or maybe that should say "Last 2 weeks" round up?

Last week the talk was all about Capital Punishment 2010 and the 'fun' that was had. Check the link and read some of the blogs on what turned out to be a torturous event. Fatboy summed up some common feelings, "One look told me my wife had the day from hell with the kids so we had something in common...". Although we all know the complaints were only in jest... right? Eye-wink

We all know riding in bad conditions is bad for the trails and bad for your bike. After the terrible conditions in Canberra, sideshow asked, How to fix mud induced mechanicals?

With a couple of weeks rest now passed, I'll bet it doesn't feel that bad at all... erm... maybe? A lot of you must feel that way though, noting that this year's Angry Doctor event is already sold out! For those wanting an easier ride closer to home, some suggest the, Wollombi Wild Ride on the same weekend.

Here in Sydney, thankfully the sun is out, but be mindful that trails like Manly Dam take a long time to dry out. At least we can think about riding on some firetrails again though, and some lucky people will be doing that tomorrow. Friday riders, eh? Hawkeye is planning a birthday ride - perhaps he's getting shy though - it's not in the calendar yet Eye-wink

Or if you fancy just tuning your skills, nix85 asked, about the best place to practice log rolls n drop offs.

Elsewhere, the BMORC guys are heading to Lisdale on Sunday, or you could hit up Glenrock instead. Or even <cough>the black stuff</cough>.

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