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By Damien - Posted on 15 June 2010

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Nice one Damien!

How many images were used in total?

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Very nice.

What have you stitched it with? And do you like the not-so-seamless look? It gives it an artistic look Eye-wink

I've used Hugin (yes, another free Linux thingo - also available on Windoze mind) that does an amazing job with these sorts of scenes.

Don't suppose you can upload a higher res' version?

Either way - I've been inspired - will give this sort of shooting a go at the next race for sure!

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All done in Photoshop.

I droped all the individual pics on to one larger one and lined them all up like a big puzzle I wanted to make it look this way.

This was just a quick experiment I am going to do it with a bit more care next time.

I thought I did upload a higher res image but it seems to have been resized down.

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I took 250 individual shots at that spot and used 107 to make the image and about an hour and a half to put it all togeather in photoshop.

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That's a really good result. Would look good printed on canvas.

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Sorry - I meant bigger than the one you uploaded. That is visible in the 'Original' link under the image:

I see that's 1044x499, how about something 1600 wide at least? Laughing out loud

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Ok just did it at 2500.

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Looks very nice.

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Looks crap on the computer.

It looks so much better at full size 17000 wide at 300dpi I think I will get a print done at 40 x 30 (inches) just to see if its worth persisiting and having a serious go at creating images like this.

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That's an expensive print just to try!

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I do like the image and if I dont print it now I never will it will be filed away on a hard drive and newer images will take priority when it comes to picking stuff to get printed.

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A guy I work with is a professional photographer and he uses to get prints done. A 30 x 40 is $57.00 plus you would allow about $15.00 for shipping.

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Very nice work. Smiling

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nice work mate!

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Just spotted this as a "Random Image" on the web site.

Im very impressed with it and can only assume that it was pre-emptive with all the additional scenery photos.

Love your work!

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Sure was.

Inspired by David Hockney.

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