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This week's tweaks

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By Rob - Posted on 18 June 2010

Just in case you didn't notice, here's a heads up on the tweaks around the site this week:

One can now view popular images in a grid. By 'popular' we mean highest rated.

If you are logged in, you can now also see the grid with only the images you haven't rated - this is handy if you just want to flick through them and cast a vote or two. Handy hint: in most modern (tabbed) browsers pressing the mouse wheel opens links in a new tab - I often scan this grid and 'middle click' those I think worth of a closer look, then go through and rate them if worthy.

Another feature for those tracking their skills or fitness via hot lap challenges: you can now view your history in the 'My laps' tab. Eg, to view your times round the ever popular Manly Dam - Main Circuit hit this link (yes - it will only work if you are logged in).

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