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EOFY charity options for riders?

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By Rob - Posted on 21 June 2010

As the end of financial year is almost upon us thought it worth asking...

Say one wanted to make a donation that would benefit riders. Does anyone know of any specific cycling related charities that are worthy causes?

Bicycle NSW Environmental Trust sound promising. Then there are RFS, Careflight, etc. which all do their bit to help riders if they get into a spot of bother.

Sadly IMBA Australia are not yet a registered charity so they are out Sad

Any more ideas?

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Registered charity and helping to promote safe cycling by reducing road accidents involving cyclists.

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Doesn't need to be a registered charity to be able to accept donations. It just means that you won't get a tax deduction.

Registration requires charities to stay out of politics lest they lose their tax-exempt status. There is a view that it prevents charities from criticising governments. At least, that's the way the ATO seems to be aggressively interpreting it.

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Well - I wrote to BNSW and they said,

The programs the BNSW Environmental Trust helps us with are:-

Research example - the ARC project administered by University of Sydney into the cause of bicycle accidents and prevention. This is a 3 year project and commenced a couple of months ago.

Workshops - held across NSW to have in put into the NSW Bike plan with included Trail trails and National Parks. Here is the link to the
published NSW Bike Plan outcomes

NSW Schools program - teaching our kids cycle skills more details at

Community engagement - participating in festival from Blacktown to the Sydney Festival to promote cycling, healthy living and sustainable form of transport.

As discussed, there was a bit for MTB riders in the bike plan so this seems as worthy a cause as any?

@hawkeye - yeah, I know about IMBA Australia, but if one is going to give money to a cause, the gov. can bl00dy well toss in their bit too (ie. a tax deduction required, hence has to be registered charity).

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... that's why the threat of removing tax deductible status has such good effect in making sure charities keep their criticism of government to themselves. People pretty much stop giving if they lose it. Sticking out tongue

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Looking for a tax-deductable donation before the end of the Financial Year? Sponsor a bike so a Cambodian kid can go to school....

This is a worthy cause: Tabitha Foundation Australia

"In Cambodia, many children are denied an education simply because they have no transport to school. Many families cannot afford a bicycle, even thought two or three children can travel on the same bicycle. In addition, Tabitha has arranged with local schools to waive any fees if we provide children with transport. So, with your gift of $75, several children will be able to have an education that otherwise would have been denied them."

1 x Bicycle - $75
Order form:

"100% of donations are applied to the programs in Cambodia - ZERO overheads!"

I know the people and the projects behind this group and they are very legit. (We have sponsored through them before; and next year Benji and the rest of our family will go over there to help on a house-building project.)

More info on the organisation....

Rgds, Hans Eye-wink

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