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FAST 100km

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By Supagav - Posted on 21 June 2010

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Husky Enduro 2010
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Well that Is the fastest 100km race I have ever done... While the course may seem flat and easy its not.... You need to pedal the whole damn way except for the parts where you carry your bike through the "puddles"
The course took in the 3 main single track areas of Nowra using fire road to link them together, the fire road used was mostly over grown so it was more like straight-ish singletrack really.
All in all a good day on the bike.

V came home in third place in elite woman in 4:53, so she had a good ride as well. Congrads to Jenny for winning the Elite womans race in 4:36. Also well done to Anthony for coming home in 4:23 even after breaking his frame at the 60km ish mark and suffering from cramps.

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Wow, brilliant result guys. Once again you do us proud!

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Must be the 'new' bike... Eye-wink

Naa - congrats mate, you must be looking forward to the SS champs after a result like that ay?

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Well the bike must of had a part to play I reckon. The legs are finally starting to come good too. Looking forward to the angry Doctor first then SS worlds a month or so later. Still plenty of time to get a bit more speed out of my legs yet! just need a new roadie now!

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The legs are finally starting to come good too.

Yeah... it's about time you found some speed! Eye-wink

Full disclosure: I can barely keep up with Supagav on a DH trail where no pedalling is required - let alone going in the opposite direction Sticking out tongue

Great work though. And for V... keep it up!

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Must be very pleased great results for both of you

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I could go that fast. Great time.
What's your secret.

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Whatever it is, I need lots of it. Smiling

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...and don't say lots of training. Sticking out tongue

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Well training I guess is the big part, the real key is not having a TV, It gives you so much more time to do the training required. also I have a few years of rowing behind me as well.
I still reckon rest is just as important as training. Oh yeah you have to be a little fearless and pain what pain....

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It helps to have 'supa' before your name!

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I was lucky enough to spend a bit of time coaching University female rowing crews, I got known as Supagav there due to my ability to select the girls crews based on talent...... Oh and they were very successful at the rowing thing as well. Nothing like going out for dinner (read getting on the piss as we were uni students after all) with "my girls". Oh yeah I don't drink that much anymore either...

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Gav, I'm shocked. You always come across as such a nice boy!

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Now that explains a lot, i know of a former NZ womens rep that would constantly kick my butt on a bike many years all honesty she would probably still kick my arse now Smiling

Great work on the result mate!

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i heard the track was awesome.
i'll be up for it next year!

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