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By Kingy - Posted on 21 June 2010

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Is it just me or are all my fellow residents also under the impression that the signage at the trail head on Old Bathurst Rd would lead you to believe that "reserve" mentioned in the sign means all the reserve in the general area ie Knapsack reserve.

I have avoided riding in the area since the signs went up i can't risk an $1100 fine, to say the sign is somewhat ambiguous would be an understatement.

Your thoughts?

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MAybe ring up the council and see what they say?

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Not me. I haven't seen that sign and I ride in Knapsack most weeks. Soren told me recently that Knapsack Reserve and Mt York are approved for mountain bike riding.

On the BMCC map, the top part of OBR track is163 Old Bathurst Rd, the lower half is 31 Great Western Hwy, which is the same as Knapsack.

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I had a bit of correspondence with soren over the wording of the sign.
He said it was worded that way basically to make enforcement on the DH trails possible but riding elsewhere in the reserve was OK.

I suggested this is just going to confuse riders, rangers and residents and lead to accusations of flaunting the rules when XC riders pootle down a fire rd.

It was agreed the sign is poorly worded in that regard and needs review, but it wont happen any time soon.

I think this only helps our cause. When writing to councilors about the review next tuesday include some thing about the discrepancy in the wording of the sign and the actual motion passed by council.

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