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Highland Fling entries open

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By Nick R - Posted on 01 July 2010

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Full Fling?

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I'm in for the full and the dash. I can highly recommend the dash, last years was the best few minutes of my short cycling career Smiling

Logan: The full fling is the easiest of all the marathon races in my opinion. Enter the full and use it as an excuse to get some decent training in, it's easy.

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My first mtb event and looking forward to it. Was aiming for the Angry Doctor but missed the boat. In retrospect this is probably a much better first event for me!

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Entered and this time I will ensure I train properly, unlike DW.

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signed up for the half, been too lazy to contemplate anything else, now to sort out accommodation!

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Meeting created:

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Surprised if it hasn't!

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I picked up an entry few minutes ago Smiling

philberesford's picture

I picked mine up about an hour ago

Brian's picture

I haven't entered yet. I might sit this one out.

Steve 01's picture

Have to start training by watching TDF

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I'm in.

I've entered the Full Penny Fling. It's like the Single Speed, but entered on a Penny Farthing...:

Okay, I've entered the regular Full Fling, but wish I had a mountain Farthing...

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So I entered the full fling and was offered the option of 'super masters' ....
Crikey - I must be getting old.
I do like the idea though, of riding at the beginning of my age group again rather than the end Smiling

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your walking legs after last years single file fiasco it was silly . So get to the front of the pack if your are doing the half fling.

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Still spots left, just got mine about 10 minutes ago - I said last years doctor was my last 100km but the memory is slowly fading so I've signed up for the 100km.

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