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Have any of you seen this .... pretty clever!

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I like it. Would work well in regional areas or on quieter roads.

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Brilliant, I would get one. I wonder what the battery life is if it's constantly sending out IR?

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.... I wonder if it could be modified to drop nails or shoot out an oil slick?

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You know, cyclists don't seem to be able to catch a break in Sydney.

I was riding along the Epping Rd path the other day towards the city, in the dark. The traffic flowing out of the city was naturally stationary. A passenger in what appeared to be a combi-like van shouts, "Hey - turn your high beams off" and started to get out of the vehicle. I mean, what is that all about? Obviously I just shouted back something in kind and carried on riding. Luckily he didn't get much more than 1 step out of the van before I'd passed.

If the drivers can't see you I'm sure they'd complain, then when you make an effort this happens. Yes, for the record, my lights are pretty bright, but it's helmet mounted and was looking at the ground ahead, not into the traffic. Well, not until this loonie hopped out! Sad

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popped up on awhile back, and then on that ABC inventors show this year.

The guy posted on the above forum and a few wrote him off as a troll/spammer (maybe including me, can't remember - there had been a few using "market research" requests as a ruse to push agendas or commercial interests) and then the guy pops up again a couple of months later and says "whaddaya think?". Then about 3 weeks later it's on New Inventors.

Ten out of 10 for lateral thinking, I reckon. Hopefully it will grab enough to have made it worthwhile for the guy and to give him some encouragement to apply his talents to other bike-related problems.

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