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The perfect gift for the cyclist that has everything?

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That's mad!

Logan's picture

Its my birthday in a few weeks, gonna see if relo's at home want to buy me a set...

BT's picture

Pricing is in line with the real stuff too. Sticking out tongue

ar_junkie's picture

I like this quote - "A SRAM version is in development, with a DoubleTap fastener"

I'm sure the SRAM version will be lighter too...

lozza6's picture

I'd just like to flag this has been posted in the wrong section.

Needs to go in the scum section.

Rob's picture

@Loz... how so? These look like they could be used on or off road with little difference in performance Eye-wink

Buck's picture

Well with 10 speed drivetrains coming to MTB. I guess it's pretty universal now.

pikey's picture

........if they come in a power link version for those times you need to get out of your clothes real fast???? Sticking out tongue


ar_junkie's picture

You're in the wrong line of business mate.. Eye-wink

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