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2007 Maxxis Coffs Mountain Marathon

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By Rob - Posted on 02 April 2007

Sunday, 1 July, 2007 - 06:45

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

8 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Meeting Point: 

Somewhere up North Eye-wink See Maxxis Coffs Mountain Marathon website.


The crew finally get to tour Coffs forest paradise (geeze - I hope it lives up to the billing) en force.

Get your entries in and see you there!

Update: Please post your reports in... erm... this reports thread.

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that you get punted at the halfway mark if you haven't made it in under a set time?

And if so, any ideas on what that time might be??

I mean, we are already registered for the 100 but would hate to get thrown of cos we are not up to par... not like we are actually COMPETING seriously or anything Eye-wink finishing is the goal. Not being last would be a bonus.

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These events usually have a cutoff to save the marshals having to sit around all night. Couldn't comment on what that is for this one though. They'll tell you at registration no doubt.

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Given the race's status as the Australian Marathon Championship it's possible that the cutoff time wont be decided untill a day or two before the race.
The cutoff last year for the Coffs race (although a different track) was 10:30 am at the 38km check point.

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I expected a cutoff, but I read somewhere someone saying they stopped to fix a flat tyre and missed it as a result.
38Km in 2.15 hours looks manageable if indeed that is the case.
thanks folks.

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... as opposed to a struggle:

The site has been updated and the elevation graph is now there, "Ascent 1440m". Not at all hard.

Plus, I heard some inside info, "The first 40ks have 29ks of the best single track i have ridden which incorporates three of our now famous enduro race tracks, cows with guns, rachet and the pig. There are some tough climbs as you would expect but the downhills are super fast. We have just finished another birm in cows with guns, it is a 90 degree turn and i hit it at 45 kph hour in yesterdays enduro."

Bring it on Smiling

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That is just too good Rob. Shades of Mt Stromlo there!! Can't wait to see this track. By the sounds of it, the hard bit will be the second 50km. Sticking out tongue

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Entries list:

Are you there? Check to make sure!

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Ouch! Saul Britton is racing Vets.

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I Google this dude (Saul)... OK, so he's an ex. works rider, big deal. He'll be no more of a worry to me than any other the other Elites.

Ie. None, as they'll all have finished long before I even turn for home! Eye-wink

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Talking about turning for home before you even start, and what, after your last enduro effort;-)

Just joking mate, but then you knew that.

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I'd suggest going out and buying some mud tyres - or at least the skinniest tyres you can find. Coffs has had 120mm of rain in the last 24hrs.

petulance's picture

a single speed cyclo cross bike?


alchemist's picture

If I was going it would be what I would take

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So alchemist, what do you recommend? I run 2.0 CST Comp Caballeros (only cos they came on the Rush) which have so far shown to be not too bad in mud - had a couple of hours out in the rain and mud on Sunday (must have been prophetic) and they seemed to clear ok but weren't the flashest on traction...

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Just heard this from Adrian:

...looks good for the weather clearing up, the track is wet but we are lucky that it drains fast and only takes 2 days to be silky smooth again from no rain. We will be giving the main singles some loving on saturday as a tidy up but unless we have another 100mm before sunday the track will be awesome. We will put a heap of bikes through on sat to pad it down.

Forecast looks good. I just spoke to Two Wheels and they will only cancel if major problems or extreme weather conditions and neither are on the cards. Mate pass the word we are all go...

Sounds good to me! Smiling

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I also have a contact in Coffs who I just spoke to tonight. She said they had 100mm of rain yesterday! But, temps are supposed to be around 17-18-19 odd degrees between now and the weekend, with little rain. Weekend forecast is good. By the sound of it, we are set for great conditions and an even more fantastic weekend. 4 more sleeps! Smiling

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Just spoke to Shane direct from Pine Creek.

Says it's tee shirt weather and the trails are looking sweet!

Bring it on! Smiling

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Bring it on

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So, how did you all go - REPORTS??

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