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Contemplating the gap jump....(from the other side)

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By Hans - Posted on 04 July 2010

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exactly is this photo taken at the Dam????

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... but then we'd have to kill you. Eye-wink

It's not actually within the confines of the War Memorial Park. We did an extended loop up around the pipeline easement.

That's all I'm sayin'. If I tell you any more it could get messy. Eye-winkSticking out tongue

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the old Hush huuuuuuusssssh.
You had to be there thing...................
next time, you can show me.
All good.

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Did you guys do it? It's a cracker at night. Eye-wink

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Yes, I could imagine a few things that might go crack if I tried that at night. Sticking out tongue

No, we took the old fart's - ahem! - the B-line.

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It's actually easier than it looks. As long as you can keep your flow on during the lead up you pretty much just float over it withought needing to do too much. Night is a different kettle of fish though as judging your speed is a bit harder. My rear wheel copped a flogging once when I came up short. Sad

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is this anywhere near the warringah aquatic centre.............

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You notice this image is geocoded:

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so do you get to this trail via a track on the side of the parkway...............or elsewhere?

Cheers, will

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The only entry I've used is via the footbridge from Bantry Bay Rd. Take a hard right after the bridge. There's some nice flowing singletrack of which this is part of that opens up to the firetrail that runs alongside the pipeline. Keep your speed up when you exit the sniggle and stay far right because there's a nice drop off a concrete ledge too.

FWIW I understand this section is completely legal.

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The erosion at the top entrance is getting quite bad, though.

The pipeline easement is legal. Not sure who the landholder is for the singletrack.

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was planning to go to bantry bay sometime soon.......but i heard the whole thing was locked down!?................Is the entry to the track you can see from the gate entry to manly dam legal?

Cheers, will

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That's OK, it gets you onto the north/south fire road that leads onto Bantry Bay Road. It's the tracks heading off the fire road to the west we are barred from at present.

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so infuriating that school goes back on Wednesday and NOW i know that i can ride bantry bay (btw are the illegal tracks clearly marked?)

Also when walking the dog today i managed to find that jump (thanks Phil!) .............cant wait to hit it when the weather dries up...........also if you go over that bridge how do you get to bantry bay track?

Also what is the best way to hit that jump?

Cheers will

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you know there is a bridgey thing there now so i was wondering is in control was the way to go with that insurance policy

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I've taken that gap with different speeds both before it had the straight run in it does now and since - when I did have a speedo fitted between 28 and 34 seemed best.

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