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yes tax dollars ... no bicycles ...

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By beroccaboy - Posted on 04 July 2010

it's just for this block of units where no bicycles are allowed ... bikes are allowed on all of the other piers left and right of ... weird huh!? you can just make out the other block of units at ballarat park (to the left) where bikes are allowed ...

the second photo is from ballarat park looking back to sydney wharf ... in the second photo bikes are allowed along the block of units to the right (ballarat park), but as stated earlier, not along the block of units to the left (sydney wharf) ...

the third photo is of darling island (the eastern side of the ballarat park peninsula) ... bikes are allowed along darling island also ...

the fourth and fifth photos are further east again, pyrmont point park (facing north to the harbour bridge and south to anzac bridge respectively) ... and yes bikes are allowed there too ... all the way to, on to and over the bridge ...

with the exception of that small section along sydney wharf boardwalk shown in the first photo (which you can walk or detour), you can ride along the water all the way from milsons point, across the harbour bridge, through the rocks, barangaroo, darling harbour, darling island, pyrmont park and over the anzac bridge ... very nice indeed ... i'm sure you can probably make it all the way to olympic park ... might try that next week ... i'll let you know if i do ...

cheers ... byron aka beroccaboy Smiling

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some very rich & very famous people must live there(no cycling scum allowed)!

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tennant of that building who is so special, thinks Barangaroo shouldn't be developed commercially because it may spoil his view. Hasn't offered the State Gov't the millions to offset though?

Can't have stinky sweaty cyclists in smelling distance. Eye-wink

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about people on bikes exceeding their 3 tonne gross load limit.

Byron, you need to lose some weight. Eye-wink

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Isn't that where Russell Crow lives?

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The area in Woolloomooloo is where the Blue (former W) Hotel is.

In fairness to the no bike signage, the wharf is private property and considered to be common area of a stratum. So in effect, the residents can do what they want.

I imagine Barangaroo is similar in that regard. Its up to the Council or foreshore authorities to make it compulsory to make bike paths. However there is high traffic in the wharf areas and I imagine precedence goes to pedestrians.

We know this because Crowe and co. had a legal tussle with the Hotel and whenever Crowe walks through the Hotel doors, the hotel staff have been known to hide all the phones away ...

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it is signposted "sydney wharf boardwalk".
north of maritime museum darling harbour.
is that strata property?

apologies for any confusion ...

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the noiseof 20 blokes skateboard at 0600 am would fantastic, on those wooded planks
thwaka thwaka thwaka thwaka thwaka thwaka thwaka thwaka thwaka thwaka thwaka thwaka

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