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DH series Comments and suggestions

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By Flynny - Posted on 07 July 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey all getting a lot of good feed back from the little questionnaire included in the champs entry from, big thanks for taking the time and filling it out

Thought I'd open it up to a bit of discussion and give a bit of feed back on the comments so far.

Looks like on the whole people are pretty happy with the state series as a whole. The main points I'm seeing so far are

1. More shuttle buses.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Shuttles are the bane of my life. Sure we'd all like to get more runs in but it comes down to what are we prepared to pay. With each bus/driver costing about $1000 a day and then there's trailers on top off that it comes down to what the club can afford.
Each club hires as many as they think they're going to be able to afford going on current entry numbers so any more means a price rise in entries
So how much would you pay if extra buses were included?

2. More Cash Prizes

Again this comes down to Funds. Only so much in means only so much out. At the moment there is very little in the way of cash sponsorship. Most of our sponsors very generously donate product for prizes, hopefully any one that bags some stash is greatful enough to send the sponsor a thank you email.

3.Better Tracks,

Where are they? remembering they have to be legal, be able to cope with 2wd all weather access and parking and have some one willing to organise the race there.

4.Seeding runs for everyone

Considering the backlash against Steves plan to do this at Del Rio I was surprised at how many times this popped up.
I have another idea. Scrap qualifying for elite and U19 altogether. Everyone races for their categories placing and then the top 50 times from across the board get a second run in a champions champion league. This means u15 to supermasters if you're good enough to have a race time in the top 50 you get a second run. Anyone qualifying from expert or sport would have to move up next race or loose points.

5.Bring back coffs

I don't think anyone is arguing this but getting the road usable and parking sorted is the key

6.Lower entry fees

Seems to be much the same people who want more buses... Again it comes down to budget. No club should have to run a race at a loss (I know CTMBC have done our arse on races in the past).

7 better festival vibe/bands

Check our Newtons Nations
and again it comes down to budget. Not many bands play for free though admittedly we had a couple of local bands set up at the 2006 Lithgow national which was cool so it probably wouldn't hurt asking around. Having someone who knows what they are talking about and willing to do the organising would help too.

8. bring back day licenses

Ain't going to happen for all the reasons argued in other threads.
1. DL gives you the ride no insurance
2. Hassle for the club
3. As with any other club, sporting or otherwise, only full member get full benefits
4. Full membership supports the clubs that work hard to make the series happen. DL does not

and so on

anyway feel free to discuss

Best Mountain Bike