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By loki - Posted on 09 July 2010

sorry for the late posting but if any locals see this and are riding port macquarie saturday please let me know as i'd love to met up for a ride early morning!
i'll head out to the hv club house in the morning anyway.

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i'll be out there around 8ish maybe a little earlier if your around at that time we can enjoy the tasty single track


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Sorry I missed you this morning!
Holiday fever got me and I couldn't drag myself out of the caravan park until late morning Smiling

I did manage to get a couple of laps in though before heading norht Smiling

Love the track - could spend another whole day there! Was oh so tempted to stay another day and do the 4 hour race tomorrow!


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has PT Macquarie copped the rain like Newcastle & Sydney?

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I haven't kept up to date with the rain stats for Sydney but Fri and Sat were mostly sunny in Port Macquarie but there was a huge downpour Thursday night and more rain again friday night.
Surprisingly the track was still ridable - "amber" condition.

Also very interesting coming from riding the Sydney sandy trails to ride through a puddle here and not hear the grinding destruction of your drivetrain we normally get in Sydney from the sandy trails. The tracks are very slippery in the wet though and I've had a number of wash-outs on the front resulting in even more bruises and scratches...
The Maxxis Ignitor tyre on the front is not quite up to the job Smiling

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