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Garmin Edge 705

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By CROMERBOY - Posted on 12 July 2010

Hi guys I'm after some advise. i just picked up a Garmin Edge 705 but am confused as to loading maps. I've done some research and Shonkymaps keeps popping up as the candidate for the topo maps. Can I load turn by turn mapping as well so I can use as a navigational GPS (for driving) as well as topo maps? What have those with this unit done? Any advise appreciated - Steve

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Much better contour tracks than shonky. Shonky's only every 50m - not very informative. I note they have Manly Dam showing as a bike trail - haven't checked for any others. I haven't tried downloading yet - too much else going on in my life at the moment. Eye-wink

Here's Sydney basin:

Edit: nothing available for purchase covering Oz just yet. Sad

HeezaGeeza's picture - has a lot for Sydney MTB already. For any others, get GPS Babel (free), search and download GPX files of your favourite tracks and the you use either GPS Babel or's own converter to get them into Garmin CRS format. Then use Garmin Training Centre to upload to your device.

If you want you can download some I've created already here -

BTW - this is not topo or turn by turn, just let's you follow a trail. You'll need a map package for topo.

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Have you had look at

Its not cycling or MTB specific but it does the job for me. If you find that it doesn't have any trails you want, then you can map them yourself at

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worked a treat - thanks

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