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Frame refinishing

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By Matt - Posted on 10 April 2007

I'm thinking of a frame blast and powdercoat for a birthday N+1 substitute. Does anyone know somebody in Sydney who'd do a good job?

The Heckler's looking a bit tired in spots where the anodised silver finish is starting to wear off. I'm not after anything too flash just a gloss black finish or (not sure whether this is harder or easier but) a polished metal finish.


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Not in Sydney, but Jon does excellent work and may work out not too much more expensive than getting it done locally. There's also a mob in Bankstown that does a good job with paint - I'll chase the details down.

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Matt, if you go with the mob in Bankstown, make sure you remove the wheels and other components first, or the rest of your bike will end up on Ebay. Fully sik m8!

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Bike Addiction reckon they've got a pretty good powdercoater nearby.

Otherwise I vote for Jon at gripsport as well. He did a prime job on my D8 and repaired 2 micro cracks while he was at it.

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Thanks all for the quality steers. I've been on to Jon and will probably go with that, cheers Rob & Shorty.

Now is pink next years black or just this years camo...

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That's got both bases covered

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You've long missed the pink boat.

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Ahhh Ellsworth. If the Aussie cricket team have caught on (pink bat handles) then that boat is well and truly over the falls!

Black it is then.

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Black is rather timeless, although you could catch the end of the green phase. Not sure what's next but perhaps you could go truly custom

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For that meriton look inside and outside the home... the bike would start developing cracks and its fixtures would start falling off after six months ;-}

Freddy Kreuger's jumper appeals, Red mainframe and green triangle, claws on the tyres, sharp!

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They sell heaps of that paper with the rough sand on it.

They also sell metal tubes of colored stuff with a button on top that when you press it lets different colored air out. F..K those guys are smart!


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