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Even more money for mountain biking in Wales

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By hawkeye - Posted on 19 July 2010

North Wales has been given £6 million to develop a cycling Centre of Excellence and expand its mountain bike trails, just weeks after South Wales was awarded £5 million to do similar:

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Had to re-read this one: at first glance I thought we were talking about New South Wales. Almost had a heart-attack.

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I think that's the point. Look how far behind the 'New' Wales is Sad

You only have to look at how well volunteer maintained trails are going (Awaba, Glenrock, even RNP) to realise that money isn't the issue. Just give bike riders permission and they can look after the rest.

Sure, if you want to build 'world class' facilities (a'la Stromlo) then a bit of cash is nice, but here in Sydney we are just begging for something, anything from NSW National Parks. We just want some permission to access parks from them as they are the major land manager here.

It's sooooo frustrating being stuck in the dark ages while everywhere else, both here and overseas blooms.

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There's a reason why Australia is called the arse end of the world. Sad

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