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AMBC Trail Bunnies - Novice Chix XC Clinic

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By AMBC - Posted on 20 July 2010

Saturday, 4 September, 2010 - 09:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

6 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
SMS/PM me before to confirm.
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Manly Dam
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Manly Vale Public School, Sunshine St, Manly Vale


Who is this course for?

This women-only course offers something for both new and experienced mountain bike riders as it provides the fundamentals of mountain bike riding - what we like to call the 'Toolkit'. Whether you are just getting into mountain biking, have ended up being the 'boyfriend's accessory on the trail and want to find your own independence, or are just sick of the sighing, eye-rolling shoulder shrug you receive when you ask how to ride something - this is the course for you.

We understand that women don't think it's cool to break bones and lose skin, we understand that fear is natural and that ladies 'think' before they jump, and we know how support and overcome these very normal traits. We'll teach you the fundamentals of controlling your bike and riding on dirt.

Not only will you learn to control your bike, but you will learn how to keep stable on rough terrain, how to position yourself so that you are balanced over your bike and how to read what your bike needs you to do (and how to do it!). We are big believers that bikes are built for this stuff, and that it's only the human element that make them fall down (momentum is a biggy here).

For experienced riders who've been dragged around the trails by their partners/boyfriends/husbands - we'll teach you the fundamentals without any eye-rolling, sighing or narkiness (no domestics here). You may have to relearn some of the bad habits and/or technique flaws you've learnt from just having to keep up. We'll teach you how to stay balanced and in control of your bike through all types of terrain and to be more fluid with carrying momentum. Essentially this course will fix those small problems where you just don't know what's going wrong!

The course

Our Trail Bunnies course is designed to help you develop your skills in a comfortable training environment and teach you the fundamentals of mountain bike riding. You will learn the techniques and skills to ride over various terrain, build confidence and gain an understanding of how balance and traction work in relation to body position and stability. You'll learn to be more relaxed on your bike and lose the 'white-knuckled' death grip on the handlebars - even if you're riding flats. If you want to ride clipins, we'll teach you how to relax and not worry about getting your foot stuck (no you don't need get your foot out anywhere near as much as you think you do)!

We'll also show you how to set-up your bike and demonstrate basic bike maintenance so that you can at least change a tyre. We'll even work on your gearing and braking so that you carry (and cease) momentum more effectively.

This course is suited to both novice and experienced riders and you will leave with our MTBing 'Toolkit', a range of knowledge and skills to make you more confident and better skilled.

What you will learn

~Setting up your bike properly
~How a mountain bike works
~Gearing & braking
~Weight distribution and body positioning
~Balance, momentum & ratcheting
~Correct pedalling technique
~Cornering & traction principles
~Obstacles & drops
~Climbs - traction, line choice, gearing & pedalling
~Descending - body position, line choice, speed
~Basic bike maintenance


Robyn Simionato

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Cost ~ $140

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