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What's going on?

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By Rob - Posted on 29 July 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I feel quite bad for anyone just getting into MTB over the last couple of months and who may have come here looking for riding advice or buddies. Our rides calendar has been mainly devoid of local riding lately due to the rain and there are too many red lights on the trail status page.

Is it that we've become a little softer than in the past and the weather is forcing everyone off the trails? Is this the wettest winter for years? The BOM's recent Sydney statement says not really (wettest June since 2007). Is it that riders are becoming more aware of the effects riding in the wet has on their bikes and on the trails? It's probably a combination of all that. I for one am really looking forward to Spring - anyone hear me? Eye-wink

Away from the Northern Beaches there was some good racing down at the Three Ring Circus on Sunday with a couple of riders getting on the podium. Congratulations to Antsonline and Steve 01 and all the other riders who made this a great event by the sounds of it.

Meanwhile, for those not venturing out, here's some popular threads to keep an eye on:

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Of course, I'm just summarising from the Recent Hot page - why else would it have appeared? Eye-wink

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I'm going to Alice Springs!!!!!!!!!!! Smiling

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Although the rainfall amount has not been outstandingly high, there seem to have been an awful lot of wet days. We did have a couple of those torrential east coast low rain systems, but most of the rest of the rain this winter has just been drizzly, patchy light rain and temps in the teens - and nothing gets a chance to dry out!

Its hard to believe that the Angry Doctor is only 5 weeks away AND it was 35 degrees that weekend last year....

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