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A nice surprise in the mail

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By hawkeye - Posted on 03 August 2010

Got home after a very ordinary day at work, and look what was waiting for me Smiling

'Tis a Spot Rocker 29er belt drive single-speed. First time for me on both a 29er and a singlespeed.

The weather looks promising for the weekend, although unfortunately the Dam is probably still going to be too wet. Once I've had a couple of rides by myself to get used to the thing, I'll probably organise a Show and Tell ride for those who might be interested. Eye-wink

The wife wasn't too impressed by the surprise, though, but the tone in the house brightened when I said it wasn't a permanent addition, it was on loan for a few weeks only for a review article. So, lads, don't do what I did. Make sure you keep the Minister for Finance in the loop!

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Wouldnt mind getting one of those in the mail.... Sure that would be a lotta fun! Look's awesome too

How long have you got it for?

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subject to weather / trail conditions possibly getting in the way of doing the review.

The distributor hinted it might be for sale at a really good price after I'm done. That's open to anyone who might be interested.

Doubt I'd get ministerial approval - it's not in the budget and something else would have to go. Sad

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Damn postman, bringing work home for you, that must suck!

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would be interested in hearing the price as I'm in the market for buying a new bike and I'm looking at a 29er. Haven't looked into single speed so far, but that could be considered. Hope yo be able to come around for the test ride..

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and I might like it a bit better & I have had too many white bikes lately

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I have had too many white bikes lately


Look forward to reading your review hawkeye.

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she's a beaut. I ride a 29 white fisher...

You know what they say, once you've had a 29, you never go back...

......'s picture

I'm in the market for one of those. I got onto spot, they put me in contact with the local distributor, he has sorted out a very very very competitive price. I'll have one by the beginning of summer.

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Put spot rocker into a search engine - results ... startling, to say the least - don't look for images!?!

Refresh, you are not trading again are you???


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No, not trading, adding. Not getting rid of the niner at all, I love that bike. Given advancing years, I think i need a geared bike as well as an sser.

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