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Couldn't spell Pleurisy

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By Carlgroover - Posted on 09 August 2010

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JetBlack 12 Hours WSMTB Race
Mixed Nuts
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Well what a great time we had, I got to the track around 6am on race day to find Whisperer had claimed an awesome spot on the track and erected 2 large tarps to set up camp under. The race started at 9:10am and the pace was furious, we had a ok lead after around 6 laps but we weren't holding anything back, the track was a lot of fun and took me back to 2003-2006 when the 24 hour races were held there. I thought the track would be in worse shape than back then but happy to say it has improved noticeably.

We continued pushing hard and our lead was increasing steadly, when we got it out 18 min I suggested we need a flat tyre to keep this race interesting to a look of horror in Whisperer's eyes, although he promptly went out and did just that! (sorry, but hey we still had 9mins).

I couldn't spell Pleurisy yesterday but knew I was still a bit chesty from being sick 3 weeks ago on my second last lap pushing hard trying to keep up with Supagav my chest was quite painful and then again on the last lap, the air was freezing and I was gasping for it. The next morning I woke up to feeling like total ass and it was painful to breathe at all, so today the doc put me on some antibiotics and said it is most likely Pleurisy.

That didn't stop me from partying on to 1am at the huge fire the farmer puts on at these events, all of the firewood used is too large to move without a front end loader to give you an idea just how big it was.

Anymore at Dargle? I'll be back.


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sure it wasn't those beers that you were drinking at the fire Saturday night was it ? See you next race

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Well done to you and the mixed nuts crew, you guys do alright for 'old fellas'
A most enjoyable weekend had by all. sorry to half kill you on that night lap. I was just having so much fun, V's light were awesome.
Oh yeah If they hold another race there I will be back foresure!!!

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I've had some experience at drinking around a fire and never had these symtoms before, usually just some sensitivity to noise and bright light the next morning.

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Gav, I tried keeping up with you on your hot lap (my last lap) but lost sight of you within about 2 minutes of the transition! Might have had something to do with your missing rear light though Laughing out loud

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I mentiomed that too a few riders they just shrugged there shoulders & kept going, so I gave up telling people

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Who was it that ever thought you need a red light to be safe at a mtb event? We spend a small fortune on lights so we can see every rock, branch, tree, hole, roo or sand patch so why wouldn't we see a person on a bike?
I had my red light on but only because I like to conform.

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you came off the bike somewhere off the track you were knocked out & your front light did too the rear light might be the only thing we can see ?

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Now not to be a cheeky bugger, but no where does it state that we need to have a red rear light (that I could find) in the rider briefing.

I agree with John on this one, rear lights should not be required. as I rider catching and passing a few people the red flashing light is actually very hard on the eyes and can throw you a bit as well.... Get rid of them all together in all races I reckon.

As for having a red light on the bike so you can find us if we go off track.... yeah right.... would it not make more sense just to enforce the rule of having 2 lights on your bike in case one fails?

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no all is good , I only told the people who looked like they were pretty stuffed not the elite guys like yourself & team nuts ?????

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