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New rear shock, where can Iget one?

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By tubbsy - Posted on 11 August 2010

Hi all

As a newbie to Sydney, living on the North side of the bridge, my Fox float rear shock has died sadly. Sad

I'd appreciate any guidance on where I can go to get a new one, and approximate cost. Is there anything as good as Fox for a little cheaper etc?


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online stores will usually have parts at the best price.

With a rear shock, make sure you get the exact right size shock (stroke length, eye to eye length), otherwise you will mess up the bikes geometry, it won't fit, or worse.

chain reaction is a great place to start looking

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... is it just stuck down? Is it not staying inflated?

If so, this is more than likely just a seals isue. New air chamber seal service kits can be bought for $30-odd from your LBS, eg Bike Addiction in Manly. It's a straightforward DIY job - there's an official Fox video describing the process on youtube. I've done it on my son's Jekyll - follow the youtube procedure and it's easy peasy. All Fox air shocks use the same seal kit.

The only thing that's difficult is understanding how the bike shops can justify charging $30 for a kit that sells for $6 in the US, but never mind...

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Try Bike Addiction in Manly Vale, Cranks on Alfred St in North Sydney or Penhurst St (near corner with Victoria Ave) or KOM now on the Pacific Highway in Crows Nest.

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Thanks gents, much appreciated. I have had the shock serviced for $200 (yeh I know) in NZ before moving over in March, and service didn't work. It doesn't maintain pressure. I can fully inflate it, then a few days later it's pretty much limp wristed again.

Just been reading all the posts on snakes on the site, holy f$%@$%.......freaking me right out!

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I think they say the same thing about us when they feel us coming Laughing out loud

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@hawkeye, maybe they do, but when was the last time you bit a snake and injected it with venom because he gave you a fright? Eye-wink

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Normally the ones you see locally - erm - run away if you give them the opportunity and don't corner them, even the venomous ones.

The exception is Browns. If you see one of them on the trail, it owns the trail. Find an alternate route! They're not called "King Browns" for nothing.

Same with Funnel Web spiders. Give 'em lots of room.

Has anyone mentioned Drop Bears? Especially nasty.

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if the shock body isn't scratched, a seal refurb should fix it.

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He he he, yeh, heard about drop bears....apparently Americans are particularly susceptible to them.

I was growed up in South Africa so should be used to local fauna that can kill you. Seems I went soft livin in NZ for so long because I don't relish the idea of snakes lunging at me when out riding. Funny that.

Yeh, as far as I can see the shock is fine, and I paid $200 for a full refurb of the shock, seals etc, and that hasn't worked. Shop I took it to normally did good work, so don't think (hope not) I got ripped off.

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For $246 if you don't mind waiting for it to be shipped There's no stupid volcanic dust clouds or UK postal strikes on at the moment so should get here pretty quickly.

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Excellent site too, cheers Phil! I am a 93kg rider, so may even look at one of the spring loaded ones, pretty hard on my bike, that's probably why I killed the shock on some of NZ's technical trails.

What are the trails like here? Keen to get back on the bike.

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Just remember coil shocks are considerably heavier.

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Yeh, all good exercise though, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? Eye-wink

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shock for sale brand new not used 200mm long with 50 mm stroke would sell for $260 or make an offer

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What brand and model mate?

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like the picture shown earlier in this post

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Stick with an air shock.

i'm 120kg and have no problem with my RS Monarch. I also give my bike a hard time.

If you like technical trails, try Menai (copes very well with wet weather - you'll just need a tour guide) or Red Hill (which should dry out some time around April).

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Oh yeh? Ok will do that's good to know.

Just a question.....technical trails over here, do they tend to have more snakes? Just wanna know what to look out for. Eye-wink

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Still, its better than hedge hogs.

Bad for punctures.

Menai only has pointy, bitey, slithery snakes so you're safe there.

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He he he, thanks, feel so much better now. Smiling I better remember to take a camera.

Quite looking forward to hitting the trails again, could do with shifting some of my winter coat.

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the echidnas. No amount of Stan's will help you then.

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