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Warning | Snake season has started early

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By philberesford - Posted on 22 August 2010

Just a warning, almost ran over 1.5m Red Belly sunning itself in the Wildflower Garden yesterday. Looks like we're not the only ones enjoying the nice weather this weekend.

I thought we had at least another month or so before dodging any snakes. Looks like my compression bandage is going back into the camelback.

Ride safe

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then rode there today & yes have already got me snake eyes & ears tuned up as you can feel summer in the air-at least it was only a Red Bellied Black snake not a Brown!!!!

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Of all the deadly snakes Red Bellies are my favourite Smiling

If it had been a King Brown...

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only a Blackie a couple of years ago at Glenrock in the middle of the day one winters Sunday!!!, I hopped off my bike to go back & when my front tyre brushed some long brown grass I startled him & he started me-we took off in different directions QUICK!!!

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I've become more aware of our subtle role as custodians of all things wild....and mindful that the beautiful places where we restore our souls and physical man are actually the domain of many beautiful creatures and plants. This awareness has heightened since I've noticed the many beautiful wild flowers that are resplendent in their beauty right now. Appreciate it ......

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Phil, is this the pic you took because it looks pretty good.

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seeing native wildlife is one of the reasons I ride-Glenrock blows me away with Echidnas,Land Mullets & Sea Eagles just some of the natives whom I regulary invade THEIR space!!!

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Agreed, that's a great picture Phil, nice composition. SLR I presume with that depth of field?

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Thanks for positive feedback on my photo guys. Yes it was taken with a DSLR.

For the camera geeks amongst the image details are:
Aperture: f/4.5
Shutter: 1/80
Length: 105mm
ISO: 100
Camera: Canon 5D Mk II


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Hi - I saw one on the GNR this weekend too - just hanging out, looking at me, then slipping off into the bush.

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Awesome shot phil.

For the record you wouldn't see a King Brown (Mulga) in Sydney.

Your common or garden variety of Eastern brown, which you do find in Sydney and surrounds is probably more dangerous anyway Smiling

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I thought a King Brown was just a very big brown snake? I am a Pom tho so that's my excuse. lol

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Wait wait carry a 5Dmk2 with a 105mm lens when you go riding?? What the???

Top pic btw, excellent DOF at that aperture too.

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tubbsy, my thoughts exactly and hence i asked originally if he took the photo. I'm assuming its a previous photo taken but hey, maybe I'm wrong.

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Much respect though to him Brian, that's a beautiful pic Phil, and if you weren't lugging a rig like that, may not have gotten close enough for it. G11 is a great compact-ish alternative (and I'm a Nikon man!!)

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Although I would love to do some MTB photography, I always end up being on the fun side of the camera. But the thought of taking out the camera and shooting some stills or footage does appeal. The photo above was taken on a separate occasion, sorry to disappoint you all.

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You kidding mate? That pic is the dogs bollix! No dissapointment here.

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I love a bit of photography and would be extremely pleased if I managed a shot like that. The colours and the depth of field make the photo kind of mesmerising, well done.

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Always wanted to take my dslr on trips but way to bulky and if i stack then all hell will break loose!!

Great photo btw Smiling

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Na a King Brown is a type of snake. Despite normally being brown in colour it's part of the black snake family (so needs black snake anti venom) and more properly called a Mulga.

When you see a big brown snake it just sounds cooler to say you saw a King brown Smiling

Eastern browns grow 1.5 to 2 meters long, though some reports of longer ones, and are more slender than a Mulga.

Mulga's are a big snake and the produce a shit load of venom but they live in less popular areas and being big and confident are less likely to strike out willy nilly.

Easterns are slender, fast and a little nervous. Their venom generally rates as 2nd or 3rd toxic on the LD50 charts and being as they live in most populated areas they are responsible for more bites.

As with any snake they will only lash out when they are started or feel there is no other option, however they are more likely to stand their ground and not shy away.

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of an Eastern Brown is enough to scare the crap out off me!!!, I hpoe I never see 1 of them on the trails!!!

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Broke into a sweat watching that idiot handle the eastern brown. I've had 2 encounters with them while riding. The first tagged my shin but luckily no venom which apparently is common with defensive bites. The second was in lane cove np. It stood up so it's head was the height of my seat then hissed and puffed it's neck like a cobra. What really scares me is having seen how quickly they move from calmly slithering along to standing up and striking out I realise there is no way you would avoid being bitten if you are in range. They don't try to get away like most snakes. They will always defend their turf.

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just broke into a sweat reading your thread!!! you were lucky.

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Just like wine, I don't know much about photography, but I know what I like. Great pic of the Red Belly. Cool

We came across this beauty back in mid may just above the 19th hole.

What lurks above the 19th hole...

Flynny, unless I'm very much mistaken it's a Diamond Python, is it not?

It was about 2m long and thick as my forearm. I put the bottle there for (wait for it...) scale. *boom-tish*

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Looks like it and a nice one at that.

Got to be careful just going off markings as broadheaded snakes can have very similar colouration. They are found around sydney and the Bluies but don't grow anywhere near as big as the snake pictured so I'd go with Diamond python

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Everyone should carry a compression bandage in their camel pack before trying to get their DSLR. It may save your life or someone else's. For me it is more likely to be someone else, cause I usually get behind a few people riding on hot summer days so they can clear the track of spiders and snakes.
Seriously though they scare the bejesus out of me and the thought of one coming up to the level of my seat post sends shivers down my spine. That snake handler must have a screw loose.

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Problem with that is.....if the rider in front of you flicks a snake up into the air.....what then?
I hate my overactive imagination!!! Sticking out tongue

Flynny's picture

First rider scares the snake.

Second rider pisses it off

third or forth feels it's wrath....

or something

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