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Norco six 1

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By Frags - Posted on 25 August 2010

Hi all,

I have a 2006 Norco six 1 AM bike just sitting around and I am looking at giving it a makeover and but at the same time do not want it to cost me a fortune. I am looking at starting with Crankset, cassette, rear derailleur and possibly the rear shock and wheelsets down the track.
Does anybody have any idea's of what parts/brands I should be looking into?


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Shimano XT would be my choice with a XTR chain.

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What do you want to build it up for?
Perhaps if you already have 3x9 bike, you could build it up a 1x9, 2x9, 1x10, 2x10 picking a front ring(s) that suits your preference (spinning or grinding), then you can use a mid/short cage derailleur for some snappy gear changes and minimal chain slap.

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its currently set up as a 2x9, which i'm gonna stick with. Its just knowing what brands I will get best bang for my $ out of. its also running SRAM shifters if this makes any difference.

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you can get SRAM 2x10 group sets at reasonable prices

From memory under $1k will you get the X9 set of shifters, derailleurs, cranks, chain. Approx $1200 gets you avid elixer crs brakes too and a few hundred more and you get forks too.

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Keep an eye on CRC for specials, personally I'm not into the 2x9 or 2x10 for a muck about/training bike. I like the simplicity of only one shifter/derailleur, so I'd be looking at 1x9 or 1x10 depending on pricing (chasing specials)

X9 shifter and X9 mid cage derailleur with 28T widgit is my budget combo.

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Depends on the riding and your weight.

If you're going to put the 6 through it's paces doing some Freeriding and decent sized, look at getting a set of the newer style Saint cranks. Combine that with a XT rear cassette and XTR chain. Rear shock, I've heard good things about the Elka coil, combined with a Ti spring they weigh up pretty good.

If you're sticking with all-mountain stuff, then you can't go past a set of XT cranks, XT cassette and XTR chain. Fox RP23 large can or a DHX 5.0 air. Keep an eye out on ebay as there have been a heap of XT crank sets go through at great prices. There are also XT cassette/XTR chain combos on ebay that are too good to pass up. But make sure they are local sellers.

I mainly do freeride style on my 6 and have a DHX 5 coil, saint cranks XT cassette, XTR chain. Just indestructable. Smiling But it does add a bit of weight with a steel coil and the older style saint cranks.

Rear mech, if you've already got sram, stick with a sram mech. My preference is Shimano, but it's a ford/holden thing I guess.

I wouldn't go to a 1x9/10 on a Norco 6. Too heavy and soft for that. Unless you're mega fit. Smiling

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Thanks for that, yeah the bike will be used for a bit of both freeride and all mountain and I would prefer to get the stronger components just so I don't need to worry, I'm about 90kgs and it currently has the dhx 3.0 shock,

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I wouldn't go to a 1x9/10 on a Norco 6. Too heavy and soft for that. Unless you're mega fit

you have to remember a ten speed cassette gives the option on a 12-36 so running a 26-39 crank gives you a low gear that is approximately the same as a standard granny gear anyway.

If set up properly a Six pedals very well. I have a 09 Atomik with 38T up front and 11-34 on th e back. I still ride it up Hassans Walls and have been know to knock out a lap or two of the XC track (even race) on it.

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Definitely get some saints. The XT's would do the job, but the saint bottom bracket I heard has a bigger bearing surface area for better load distribution (I heard this, but don't know how true it is).

If you're running the DHX 3 coil, then have a good look at the Elka shocks (as you already have the spring. They are light weight and the setup (rebound-compression) is really good on them. When you order them, they get setup to suit your bike setup/weight. So the valving is pretty well sorted when you get it.


Running a 26-39 on the front isn't 1x9/10 Eye-wink

When I ride my Norco, I use my middle ring 99% of the time, but there are times on some really techy climbs and rock climbing sections, when granny really helps. Also running a larger front ring (39) give you less clearance over obsticles and really don't need anything that tall in gearing. XC, different story, but AM and FR I personally haven't needed anything taller than 32f-11r, except for on the road.

I've been seriously contemplating going 1x9 over the past 6 months, but every few times I ride, there's a section that needs granny and it quickly convinces me 2x9 is the go. If it was just FR I was doing, 1x9 would be already done, but the techy AM side of it really needs the G.

As for a wheel set, I run DT Swiss EX 5.1D's with Hoe Pro2 hubs. They are a light wheelset and take a heap of punishment. They aren't a DH wheel so they aren't indestructable, but I ride pretty hard and they cope extremely well with big drops etc.

Tyres, definately look at the Schwalbe Big betty's. For around here, they are the perfect AM FR tyre. They grip Sandstone so well and dirt, mud etc are obliterated by it. They also roll amazing well and shit all over highrollers. You can get Freeride or DH. Get the freeride ones. They alst longer and are lighter.

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thanks for that, I have been starting to lean towards the SLX's and getting the groupset excluding the brakes whats the thoughts on this ? as I havent been able to find a saint groupset at good pricing anywhere where i know i can get a SLX set for $700 excluding brakes at my LBS or around $500 - 600 on ebay. If anybody know's where i can get saints groupset from for a good price feel free to tell me.

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I'd be buying stuff individually.

There's a set of current model saint cranks supposedly 4 rides old on Farkin for $200.

Are your chainrings OK on your current cranks? If not LBS sells Truvativ middle and small rings for about $70, I'd look at the SLX rings, as I think they are a steel middle ring for better wearing. I run the truvativ now, but am going to go SLX when the time comes for replacement.

XT Rear mech medium cage $110

XT Cassette and XTR chain and powerlink $113

XT shifters $90

That's what I'd get. I wouldn't bother with changing your front mech unless it needed to be. Just need some outer cables from LBS and you're set. Add shipping to some of that stuff and you'll have a much better setup for about the same money.

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I'm curious as to why you'd go looking on eBay for cheap parts. I'd imagine CRC/Wiggle would be cheaper in most instances. Eg (from Wiggle):

XT Cassette: $67
XTR Chain: $32
XT RD: $65


P.S. I'd go a Wipperman Connex link over SRAM. Personal preference is all.

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yeah iv been looking on wiggle have all the items sitting in my shopping cart waiting for that magic click so they send the stuff to me. Im just listening to all suggestions first tho and any alternate part recommendations

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LOL, habit mostly Rob. I don't really look on CRC or wiggle.

Plus, buying locally off ebay makes it a lot easier if something is wrong to send back for refund etc. Sending OS isn't really difficult, but just a bit more of a hassle. Plus I've found that particular guys I buy from on ebay like their feedback etc and generally are pretty good to deal with. That's not to say I haven't had a bad dealing though... lol

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